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Revenge of the Nerds Details


Revenge of the Nerds is the juvenile sex comedy perhaps most synonymous with the 1980s, alternating gags and scantily clad women with a power to the underdogs mentality that prompted three sequels. The handsome jocks of Alpha Beta, led by Stan (Ted McGinley), run Adams College, which means that when they burn down their house after a stunt involving grain alcohol and an open flame, they kick a bunch of socially inept freshman out of their dorm and into the gymnasium. But sleeping on cots is only the beginning of their worries, as the so-called nerds soon become the target of pranks by Alpha Beta, assisted by Betty (Julie Montgomery) and the gorgeous gals of Pi Delta Pi. Instead of taking the abuse sitting down, the displaced freshman, led by Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) and Lewis (Robert Carradine), buy a ramshackle house, affiliate themselves with the only national chapter who will take them (the all-black Lambda Lambda Lambda), and use their superior intellect to launch a counterstrike. The bespectacled but loveable geeks set up surveillance cameras in the Pi bathroom and put liquid heat in the athletes' jock straps, then draft a sister sorority of misfits (Omega Mu) to strengthen their resources. The frats quickly become bitter rivals, and the goal is to win the annual fraternity decathlon, which involves such feats as a burping contest and a go-cart race, with bragging rights (and perhaps peace of mind) at stake. Look for John Goodman and future thirtysomething cast member Timothy Busfield in small roles, and expect a torrent of nasal laughter. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

  • Release date:July 20, 1984


Robert Carradine
as Lewis
Anthony Edwards
as Gilbert
Ted McGinley
as Stan
Bernie Casey
as U.N. Jefferson
Julia Montgomery
as Betty
Timothy Busfield
as Poindexter
Andrew Cassese
as Wormser
Curtis Armstrong
as Booger
Larry B. Scott
as Lamar
Brian Tochi
as Takashi
Donald Gibb
as Ogre
David Wohl
as Dean Ulich
John Goodman
as Coach Harris
Alice Hirson
as Mrs. Lowe
F. William Parker
as Sergeant
Adam Frank
as Blonde Nerd
Matt Salinger
as Burke
Henry Max Kendrick
as Trainer
Lance Lombardo
as Lamar's Date
James Cromwell
as Mr. Skolnick
Kelly Reed
as Lap Girl
Lisa Welch
as Suzy
Kres Mersky
as Mrs. Wormsey
Michelle Meyrink
as Judy
Marianne Muellerleile
as Woman


Jeff Kanew
David Obst
Peter Bart
Peter Samuelson
Ted Field
Miguel Tejada-Flores
David Obst
Jeff Buhai
Tim Metcalfe
Steven Zacharias
Steven Zacharias
Screen Story
King Baggot
Thomas Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Alan Balsam
Peter Macgregor-Scott
Peter Bart
Executive Producer
David Obst
Executive Producer
Frank Lombardo
Set Designer
Deborah Hopper
Costume Designer
Eddie Marks
Costume Designer
Joe Unsinn
Special Effects
Terry Donnelly
First Assistant Director
Timothy R. Sexton
Dorain Grusman