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This sequel to the surprise box office hit [[Feature~V6267~The Blue Lagoon~thebluelagoon]] (1980) mimics its predecessor's romantic adventure formula of a lush tropical locale inhabited by scantily clad, nubile teens discovering their sexuality. Spotted adrift in a boat with his deceased parents Richard and Emmeline, a baby boy is rescued by a passing ship. Adopted by the widow Hargrove ([[Performer~P55826~Lisa Pelikan~lisapelikan]]), infant Richard is soon at sea again after he, his new mother and her baby daughter Lilli abandon ship in the face of a cholera epidemic. Washing ashore on the same island populated by the first film's heroes, Hargrove protects and raises her young charges until a disease also claims her life. Years pass and both Richard ([[Performer~P39328~Brian Krause~briankrause]]) and Lilli ([[Performer~P36397~Milla Jovovich~millajovovich]]) become young adults. While Richard discovers his manhood by racing a lagoon shark and spying on the island's dangerous natives, Lilli becomes a woman with her first period. Eventually their raging hormones lead the two into each other's arms. Marriage and a pregnancy follow, but Richard and Lilli's union is threatened by the arrival of a ship carrying a lovely captain's daughter ([[Performer~P13840~Nana Coburn~nanacoburn]]) with eyes for the loincloth-clad Richard. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:August 2, 1991


Milla Jovovich
as Lilli
Brian Krause
as Richard
Lisa Pelikan
as Sarah Hargrave
Emma James
as Lilli-as an Infant
Nana Coburn
as Sylvia
Jackson Barton
as Richard-as an Infant
Brian Blain
as Captain Hilliard
Peter Hehir
as Quinlan
Mikaele Nasau
as Lone Cannibal
Pita Degei
as Chief
Alexander Petersons
as Giddens
Todd Rippon
as Gullion
John Mann
as 1st Captain
David Gallagher
John Dicks
as Penfield
Wayne Pygram
as Kearney
Garette Ratliff Henson
as Young Richard
John Keightley
as LeStrange
Liz Mullinar
Courtney Barilla
Gus Mercurio
as 1st Mate


William A. Graham
William A. Graham
Frank Price
Leslie Stevens
Dean Riesner
Henry Devere Stacpoole
Book Author
Douglas Day Stewart
Robert Steadman
Basil Poledouris
Composer (Music Score)
Jon Dowding
Production Designer
Paul Ammitzboll
Art Director
Peter Bogart
Randal Kleiser
Executive Producer
Aphrodite Kondos
Costume Designer
Brian Pearce
Special Effects
Phil Culotta
Lesley Vanderwalt