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The tail of a dinosaur is excavated from the frozen tundra in Lapland and shipped to the Danish Aquarium in Copenhagen for safekeeping in this hilarious sci-fi mess. Someone turns off the refrigeration, alas, and the tail thaws. Regeneration sets in with alarming dispatch and soon the serpent-like monster, named "Reptilicus" by the learned paleontologist in charge, is devouring a paper mache Copenhagen. Written in Hollywood by Danish-American [[Performer~P102414~Ib Melchior~ibmelchior]] (the son of Wagnerian opera star [[Performer~P48280~Lauritz Melchior~lauritzmelchior]]) and produced in Denmark by Saga Films and American Sid Pink Productions, Reptilicus contains filmdom's perhaps least convincing monster and some of the worst performances imaginable from a hard-working Danish stock company. [[Performer~P120907~Carl Ottosen~carlottosen]] stars as the American General Grayson, angrily shouting his every line for unexplained reasons. Ottosen's wooden performance is second only to that of [[Performer~P49196~Bodil Miller~bodilmiller]], a former Universal starlet who appears here for no apparent reason other than to accompany Ottosen's general on a pleasant night out at the Tivoli amusement park. (A low point of the film is pop star Birthe Wilke's rendition of a ditty, "Tivoli Nights", to a visibly dazed audience.) The monster, meanwhile, fights his battles in what appears to be a child's model train landscape while hundreds of extras do their utmost to look sufficiently frightened. Considering that Reptilicus himself is never in the same frame as any humans, what causes the good citizens of Copenhagen to flee in such panic must be the strange sight of [[Performer~P120907~Carl Ottosen~carlottosen]] brandishing a bazooka while barking orders at the fashionably gowned [[Performer~P49196~Miller~bodilmiller]]. Reptilicus was such a financial bomb that employees at the Danish production company, Saga Films, were prohibited from speaking the name for several years. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Bent Mejding
as Svend Viltofft
Mimi Heinrich
as Karen Martens
Bodil Miller
Marla Behrens
as Connie Miller
Dirch Passer
as Dirk Mikkelsen
Carl Ottosen
as Mark Grayson


Sidney Pink
Sidney Pink
Sidney Pink
Aage Wiltrup
Les Baxter
Composer (Music Score)
Sven Gyldmark
Musical Direction/Supervision
Sven Gyldmark
Composer (Music Score)
Edith Nisted
Otto Lund
Set Designer
Helge Hansen
Set Designer
Kai Koed
Set Designer