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Regarding Henry Details


Combining elements of A Christmas Carol and Rain Man (1988), this modern-day parable of greed and redemption was crafted with generous helpings of sentimentality by director Mike Nicholas. Harrison Ford stars as Henry Turner, a slick, ruthless corporate attorney willing to spin any falsehood to win a case. A bully to his teenage daughter Rachel (Mikki Allen), Henry also cheats on his wife Sarah (Annette Bening) and treats everyone from the maid to his assistant with cruel selfishness. Stepping out to a local mini-market for a pack of cigarettes late one night, Henry accidentally interrupts a burglary and is shot in the head by a stick-up artist. After a long coma, Henry survives only to find that he has no memory and must re-learn everything from reading to tying his shoes. Reborn as a friendly, childlike innocent, Henry charms his therapist (Bill Nunn) and reconnects with his wife and daughter, only to uncover some secrets about how truly appalling he once was. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:July 10, 1991


Harrison Ford
as Henry Turner
Annette Bening
as Sarah Turner
Bill Nunn
as Bradley
Mikki Allen
as Rachel
Donald Moffat
as Charlie
Nancy Marchand
as Headmistress (uncredited)
Louis Cantarini
as Hot Dog Vendor
Joan Kindred
as Party Guest
Brian Smiar
as Dr. Marx
Harold House
as Policeman
Kia Graves
as Jennifer
Jack McLaughlin
as Taxi Driver
May Quigley
as Hillary
R.M. Haley
as Court Clerk
Julie Follansbee
as Mrs. Matthews
Harsh Nayyar
as Store Owner
Rebecca Miller
as Linda
James Rebhorn
as Dr. Sultan
Glen Trotiner
as Elevator Man
Rob Reiner
Ellen Lewis
Hollis Granville
as Butler
Juliet Taylor
Emily Wachtel
as Gloria
Aida Linares
as Rosella
Kai Soremekun
as Loretta
William Severs
as Lawyer
Kirby Mitchell
as Rudy
Elizabeth Wilson
as Jessica
John A. MacKay
as George
Ralph Byers
as Gerald
Suzann O'Neill
as Real Estate Broker
Mark Irish
as Lawyer
Andrew Stone
as Charlie's Secretary
Jimmy Gardner
as Lawyer
Bernadette Penotti
as Lawyer
Benjamin Hendrickson
as Daniel
Henry Stram
as Waiter
Cynthia Martells
as ICU Nurse
Susan Forristal
as Brenda
Marjorie Monaghan
as Julie
John Leguizamo
as Gunman
Alva Chinn
as Lawyer
Bruce Altman
as Bruce
Peter Appel
as Doorman
Robin Bartlett
as Phyllis


Mike Nichols
Mike Nichols
Scott Rudin
Giuseppe Rotunno
Hans Zimmer
Composer (Music Score)
Tony Walton
Production Designer
Susan MacNair
Associate Producer
Robert Greenhut
Executive Producer
Susan Bode-Tyson
Set Designer
Cindy Carr
Set Designer
Ann Roth
Costume Designer
Peter Bucossi
Joseph Hartwick
Production Manager
Juliet Taylor
Ellen Lewis