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Caroline and Lloyd (Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey) are a married couple constantly at each other's throats, masters at crafting acid-tongued barbs at the other's expense. Indeed, they are so obsessed with belittling each other that they never stop -- not even at gunpoint. Such is the premise of the acerbic comedy The Ref, which shows what happens when this quarrelsome duo is taken hostage. The gunman is Gus (Denis Leary), a thief on the run from the police, who kidnaps the couple as an insurance policy, planning to use their home as a hideout. But their incessant bickering proves more than Gus bargained for, forcing him -- for the sake of his own sanity -- into the unenviable role of peacemaker. To make things even worse for Gus, he discovers that he has taken the couple hostage the night of their big Christmas party, and the guests are already on the way. Not wanting to leave Lloyd and Caroline unattended, Gus opts to attend the party, pretending to be the couple's marriage counselor. This naturally leads to a series of comic confusions, as the hostage crisis and marital tensions head towards their inevitable conclusion. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:March 9, 1994


Denis Leary
as Gus
Judy Davis
as Caroline
Kevin Spacey
as Lloyd
Glynis Johns
as Rose
Raymond J. Barry
as Huff
Richard Bright
as Murray
Caroline Yeager
as Town Citizen
Marilyn Stonehouse
as Store Cashier
Cecilley Carroll
as Santa Family #1
Adam Le Fevre
as Gary
Peter Krantz
as State Trooper
Richard Blackburn
as Santa Family #1
Howard Feuer
Ron Gabriel
as Limo Driver
Kenneth Utt
as Jeremiah Willard
Rutanya Alda
as Linda
Derek Keurvost
as Town Citizen
Vincent Pastore
as State Trooper
Christine Baranski
as Connie
Tony Craig
as State Trooper
Stephen Hunter
as Old Baybrook Policeman
B.D. Wong
as Dr. Wong
Jim Turner
as Phil
Bill Raymond
as George
Edward Saxon
as Reporter
John Benjamin Hickey
as Old Baybrook Policeman
J.K. Simmons
as Siskel
Chas Lawther
as Santa Family #2
Robert Ridgely
as Bob Burley
Max Piersig
as Cadet
Ellie Raab
as Mary


Ted Demme
Ron Bozman
Richard LaGravenese
Jeff Weiss
Marie Weiss
Richard LaGravenese
Adam Kimmel
Bruce Carwardine
Musical Direction/Supervision
Dennis Davenport
Art Director
Jerry Bruckheimer
Executive Producer
Don Simpson
Executive Producer
Jaro Dick
Set Designer
Judianna Makovsky
Costume Designer
Howard Feuer
Irene Kent