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Tim Allen and Chiwetel Ejiofor co-star in writer/director David Mamet's martial arts drama Redbelt. Ejiofor plays Mike Terry, a jujitsu master who co-runs a very modest martial arts studio in Los Angeles with his bossy wife, Sondra (Alice Braga). Mike demonstrates an unwavering commitment to his craft and draws a cadre of defiantly loyal pupils including Joe (Max Martini), an LAPD cop. All told, it appears that he has chosen a peaceful and conflict-free path in life. The dedicated martial artist's fate takes an unanticipated turn, however, one evening when a young woman named Laura (Emily Mortimer) bursts into the academy in a state of near hysteria, and reaches for a policeman's gun when he tries to restrain her. One thing leads to another, and before long, Laura is regularly receiving martial arts lessons from Mike. As master begins to teach pupil and his martial arts philosophies emerge, his path also crisscrosses with that of a Hollywood movie star, Chet Frank (Tim Allen), when he saves the fellow from a beating at a local club and gets invited (along with Sondra) to Chet's house for dinner. Chet extends gestures of friendship, and Mike's guard breaks down; he speaks openly and candidly of a special martial arts method he employs that requires one of the participants to "assume a handicap." In time, the association with Chet leads to involvement in the motion-picture industry, and relations with a bevy of characters who aren't exactly what they seem -- including a pay-per-view fight mogul (Ricky Jay) and Chet's slimy and manipulative manager (Joe Mantegna). ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:May 2, 2008


Chiwetel Ejiofor
as Mike Terry
Emily Mortimer
as Laura Black
Alice Braga
as Sondra Terry
Tim Allen
as Chet Frank
Joe Mantegna
as Jerry Weiss
Rodrigo Santoro
as Bruno Silva
Ricky Jay
as Marty Brown
Max Martini
as Joe Collins
Matt Cable
as Academy Fighter
Jose Pablo Cantillo
as Snowflake
Rebecca Pidgeon
as Zena Frank
Luciana Souza
as Singer in Bar
Randy Couture
as Dylan Flynn
Cyril Takayama
as The Magician
Scott Barry
as Billy the Bartender
Matt Malloy
as Lawyer
Ray Mancini
as George
John Machado
as Ricardo Silva
Richard Wilke
as Eduardo
Carole De Souza Correa
as Monica
Jack Wallace
as Bar Patron
Jake Johnson
as Guayabera Shirt Man
Dennis Keefer
as Knife Fighter In Bar
Robert Reinis
as Officer
Dominic Hoffman
as Detective
Mike Genovese
as Desk Sergeant
Bob Jennings
as Sammy
David Paymer
as Richard
Jennifer Grey
as Lucy Weiss
Linda Kimbrough
as Murphy
Steve DeCastro
as Knife Fighter On Set
Ed O'Neill
as Hollywood Producer
Enson Inoue
as Taketa Morisaki
Allison Karman
as Paralegal
Damon Herriman
as Official at Arena
Renato Magno
as Romero
Rico Chiapparelli
as Sanchez
Martin Desideriom
as Sanchez's Handler
Frank Trigg
as Sanchez's Cornerman
Gilbert Gomez
as Romero's Handler
Vincent Guastaferro
as Eddie Bialy
Josh Rafferty
as Josh Rafferty
J.J. Johnston
as Ring Announcer
Christina Grance
as Ring Girl
Galen Tong
as Referee
Tony Mamet
as Fight Commissioner
Chris Kaldor
as Official Security Guard in Blazer
Scott Ferrall
as Scott Ferrall
Simon Rhee
as Bruno's Henchmen
Troy M. Gilbert
as Bruno's Henchmen
Danny Inosanto
as The Professor
Gene Lebell
as Old Stuntman
Mordechai Finley
as Undercard Fighters
Chris Lisciandro
as Southside Jiu-Jitsu Academy Fighter
Tino Struckmann
as Southside Jiu-Jitsu Academy Fighter
Adam Treanor
as Southside Jiu-Jitsu Academy Fighter
Masato Baba
as Taiko Drummer
Darren Endo
as Taiko Drummer
Kene Kubo
as Taiko Drummer
Jason Osajima
as Taiko Drummer
Byron Yamada
as Taiko Drummer
Bryan Yamami
as Taiko Drummer


David Mamet
Chrisann Verges
Tad Driscoll
David Mamet
Robert Elswit
Hody Jae Huh
Stephen Endelman
Composer (Music Score)
Barbara Tulliver
David Wasco
Production Designer
Ray Yamagata
Art Director
Timothy M. Earls
Set Designer
Michael Lutz
Costume Designer
Nancy Jarzynko
Costume Designer
Debra McGuire
Costume Designer
Robin E. McMullan
Costume Designer
Cara Giallanza
First Assistant Director
Sherry Thomas
Sharon Bialy
Jack Gill
Stunts Coordinator
Hody Jae Huh
Still Photographer
Benny Alvarado