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[[Feature~V157420~Red Dust~polvorojo]] was lensed almost entirely on MGM's back lot; even so, we are utterly convinced that the film takes place in Indochina (never mind that everyone pronounces "Saigon" as Say-gone). Even more importantly, the audience never doubts for one moment that the relationship between "hero" [[Performer~P10097~Clark Gable~clarkgable]] and "heroine" [[Performer~P30456~Jean Harlow~jeanharlow]] has gone far beyond the meaningful-glances stage. [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] plays the overseer of a rubber plantation, whiling away the hot, lonely nights with his drunken assistant [[Performer~P45833~Tully Marshall~tullymarshall]]. [[Performer~P86224~Donald Crisp~donaldcrisp]], another of [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]]'s cohorts, arrives by boat with stranded prostitute [[Performer~P30456~Jean Harlow~jeanharlow]] in tow. [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] wants no part of [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] at first, telling her that she's history the moment the next boat to Saigon shows up. But [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] and [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] are, in the parlance of the time, made for each other. After the inevitable affair, [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] leaves, just as engineer [[Performer~P59044~Gene Raymond~generaymond]] shows up to participate in the construction of a bridge. [[Performer~P59044~Raymond~generaymond]] has brought along his seemingly proper wife [[Performer~P2657~Mary Astor~maryastor]]; it isn't long, however, before [[Performer~P2657~Astor~maryastor]] is throwing herself at the not altogether unwilling [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]]. [[Performer~P59044~Raymond~generaymond]] is such a good egg that [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] feels ashamed of himself for enjoying [[Performer~P2657~Astor~maryastor]]'s favors. When [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] returns, [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] goes back to her, which drives the already unstable [[Performer~P2657~Astor~maryastor]] completely off her trolley. She shoots [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] in a fit of jealous rage. Hearing the shot, [[Performer~P59044~Raymond~generaymond]] rushes in. Proving that she's "aces," [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] quickly covers up for [[Performer~P2657~Astor~maryastor]], insisting that it was she who shot [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]]. None the wiser, [[Performer~P59044~Raymond~generaymond]] returns to the mainland with [[Performer~P2657~Astor~maryastor]], while [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] and [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] end up in each other's arms for keeps. Fairly "hot" even by pre-code standards, [[Feature~V157420~Red Dust~polvorojo]] has gained legendary status thanks to rumors concerning [[Performer~P30456~Jean Harlow~jeanharlow]]'s famous bathing scene in a shaved barrel; according to rumor, footage still exists of [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] totally au naturel (some stories go as far as to claim that the overseas version of [[Feature~V157420~Red Dust~polvorojo]] shows [[Performer~P10097~Gable~clarkgable]] and [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] "doing it".) For all the sexual badinage, our favorite bit occurs when [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]], cleaning out a parrot's cage, mutters "Watcha been eatin', cement?" A heavily laundered remake of [[Feature~V157420~Red Dust~polvorojo]], [[Feature~V33043~Mogambo~mogambo]], appeared in 1954, again with [[Performer~P10097~Clark Gable~clarkgable]] in the lead, but this time with [[Performer~P25893~Ava Gardner~avagardner]] and [[Performer~P37518~Grace Kelly~gracekelly]] in the [[Performer~P30456~Harlow~jeanharlow]] and [[Performer~P2657~Astor~maryastor]] roles, respectively. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Clark Gable
as Dennis Carson
Jean Harlow
as Vantine
Gene Raymond
as Gary Willis
Mary Astor
as Barbara Willis
Donald Crisp
as Guidon
Tully Marshall
as McQuarg
Forrester Harvey
as Limey
Willie Fung
as Hoy


Victor Fleming
Victor Fleming
Hunt Stromberg
Wilson Collison
Play Author
John Lee Mahin
Harold Hal Rosson
Blanche Sewell
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Costume Designer