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Reckless Kelly Details


Following up his debut, [[Feature~V55976~Young Einstein~youngeinstein]] (1988), [[Performer~P110841~Yahoo Serious~yahooserious]] wrote, directed and starred in this broad comedy as the titular hero, a modern-day, fictional descendant of a real-life Australian Robin Hood, Ned Kelly. Carrying on the family tradition of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Ned crosses the wealthy Sir John ([[Performer~P75146~Hugo Weaving~hugoweaving]]), who arranges the sale of Kelly's coastal property to a Japanese buyer. Forbidden by the Kelly family code of honor from stealing to profit himself, the motorcycle-riding Ned decides to raise the money needed to save his lands by going to America. Stateside, his bank robbery scheme falls through, but he finds stardom as the lead in a Hollywood motion picture that might give him the money to foil Sir John's greedy plans. Ned also encounters romance with a teller, the appropriately named Robin Banks ([[Performer~P30331~Melora Hardin~melorahardin]]). ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


Yahoo Serious
as Ned Kelly
Melora Hardin
as Robin Banks
Alexei Sayle
as Major Wib
Hugo Weaving
as Sir John
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Delance
John Pinette
as Sam Delance
Bob Maza
as Dan Kelly
Martin Ferrero
as Ernie the Fan
Tracy Mann
as Miss Twisty
Tyler Coppin
as Hollywood Bank Teller
Warren Coleman
as Hollywood Bank Teller
Willie Fennell
as Mr. Arnold
Maria Rangel
as Hollywood Boulevard Girl
Adam Wylie
as Pop Corn Boy
Vincent Craig Dupree
as Hollywood Boulevard Guy
Matthew Faison
as Veteran Reporter
Michael Lake
as Richard II Student
Nina Blackwood
as Gossip Reporter
Pamela Gordon
as Hollywood Policewoman
Russell Cheek
as Bank Teller Gianni
Rusty Schwimmer
as Entertainment Reporter
Theresa Bell
as Hollywood Outlaw
Tom Ashworth
as Businessman
Beth Champion
as Laura
Tony Szeto
as Hollywood Bank Teller
Marti Muller
as Airport Check-in
Robert Steinberg
as Intellectual Reporter
Robert Alan Beuth
as Beverly Hills Bank Teller
Richard Carter
as Police Sergeant (Aust.)
Clarence Felder
as Hollywood Police Lietenant


Yahoo Serious
Yahoo Serious
Tim Sanders
Yahoo Serious
Warwick Ross
David Roach
Kevin Hayward
Anthony Marinelli
Composer (Music Score)
Tommy Tycho
Composer (Music Score)
David Roach
Associate Producer
Graham Burke
Executive Producer
Sally Campbell
Costume Designer
Jane Jenkins
Alison Barrett
Janet Hirshenson