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Rebecca's Secret Details


This empty erotic thriller wastes its gorgeous cast with a skimpy and unbelievable screenplay by director [[Performer~P237081~Ellyn Michaels~ellynmichaels]]. The paltry plot concerns Rebecca Hensley ([[Performer~P60903~Amy Rochelle~amyrochelle]]), heiress to a prosperous lingerie catalog, and her philandering husband Jonathan ([[Performer~P240316~Michael Baci~michaelbaci]]), who sleeps with all of the models. Fashion editor Gwen ([[Performer~P240395~Lauren Hays~laurenhays]]), who is also sleeping with Jonathan, convinces Rebecca to help her poison him and dump his body in a ravine. The usual double-crosses and plot twists ensue, while Rebecca has strange nightmares (most involving sex) and locks a would-be hitman ([[Performer~P131855~Christopher Bennett~chrisbennett]]) in her basement as a personal stud. By the end of the film, [[Performer~P237081~Michaels~ellynmichaels]] abandons credibility altogether, throwing in sex scenes willy-nilly, staging catfights in a swimming pool, and asking the audience to believe that mannish police detective Elaine ([[Performer~P68455~Brenda Stone~dantonstone]]) began her career as a lingerie model. Other than the copious attractive skin on display, including [[Performer~P60903~Rochelle~amyrochelle]] and pretty [[Performer~P1452~Avalon Anders~avalonanders]] as a prospective cover model, the film is eminently forgettable, even in the steamy unrated version. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi


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