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The Real Macaw Details


In the tradition of and , this Australian family fantasy-adventure features mouthy macaw Mac (portrayed by Tango and three bird stand-ins). Mac, who once witnessed treasure buried on a South Sea Island, is owned by elderly eccentric bird collector Ben Girdis (Jason Robards). His son Rick Girdis (Joe Petruzzi) plans to pay off Ben's debts by putting him in a nursing home and selling Ben's house. Ben's 15-year-old grandson Sam (Jamie Croft), who wants to save Ben's home, discovers that Mac can speak (with a Spanish accent). After Mac proposes a search for the buried treasure, Sam, the bird, and anthropologist Lance Hagen (John Waters) set off on an expedition. Unfortunately, a luxury hotel has been erected directly over the treasure, causing feathers to fly as the determined Sam and Mac continue to seek the treasure while eluding hotel staffers. The film was directed by Mario Andreacchio, who previously made the talking-dog movie Mario Andreacchio. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi


Jamie Croft
as Sam Girdis
Jason Robards, Jr.
as Grandpa Ben Girdis
Deborra-Lee Furness
as Beth Girdis
Joe Petruzzi
as Rick Girdis
John Waters
as Dr. Lance Hagen
Petra Yared
as Kathy Girdis
Gerry Connolly
as Lou Rickets
Robert Coleby
as Mr. St. John
Nathan Kotzur
as Scarlatta
David Murphy
as Mac


Mario Andreacchio
Margot McDonald
Bruce Hancock
Edward McQueen-Mason
Ross Major
Production Designer
Michael Rumpf
Art Director
Bruce Hancock
Rocky Bester
Richard Becker
Executive Producer
Lyn Askew
Costume Designer
Ann Fay

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