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The Raven Details


Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff team up in this excellent 1935 chiller. Lugosi is crazed brain-surgeon Dr. Richard Vollin who is infatuated with the characters and devices found in the Edgar Allan Poe stories. When a local judge brings his beautiful daughter for brain surgery, the doctor falls in love with her and is spurned by the judge when he asks for her hand in marriage. To extract revenge, Vollin invites the judge, his daughter, and her new fiance over for dinner. He intends to try out some of his gruesome Poe gadgets on them. Before he can, enter Boris Karloff, a prison escapee who wants Vollin to do some much-needed plastic surgery on his face. Vollin obliges, but instead of making him handsome, he deforms Karloff and subjects him to his will. Now the evil Vollin can get down to business... ~ Rovi

  • Release date:July 8, 1935


Boris Karloff
as Edmond Bateman
Bela Lugosi
as Dr. Richard Vollin
Irene Ware
as Jean Thatcher
Lester Matthews
as Dr. Jerry Holden
Samuel S. Hinds
as Judge Thatcher
Inez Courtney
as Mary Burns
Ian Wolfe
as "Pinky" Geoffrey
Spencer Charters
as Col. Bertram Grant
Maidel Turner
as Harriet Grant
Arthur Hoyt
as Chapman
Walter Miller


Charles Stumar
Albert Akst
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Jack P. Pierce