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The Rat Pack Details


Shot in 33 days, this $9.6 million biographical drama of behind-the-scenes interactions within the Rat Pack group of Frank Sinatra (Ray Liotta), Dean Martin (Joe Mantegna), and Sammy Davis Jr. (Don Cheadle) is set against the political backdrop of the '60s, establishing links of singers, gangsters, actors, and politicans (sometimes brushing shoulders in the same rooms). The film also explores Sinatra's relationship with John F. Kennedy (William Peterson). Deciding to support Kennedy, Sinatra patches up his feud with Peter Lawford (Angus Macfadyen), since Lawford's wife, Pat (Phyllis Lyons) is JFK's sister -- and a Sinatra-Kennedy friendship soon follows. However, when Joe Kennedy (Dan O'Herlihy) decides Sinatra's nightclub, mob and commie connections are a no-no for JFK, the patriarch's interference angers Sinatra. Meanwhile, Sammy Davis Jr. enters into an interracial liaison with May Britt (Megan Dodds), and the dynamics of the situation are visualized in an imaginative musical fantasy sequence in which Davis sees himself singing and dancing for an unresponsive line of white supremacists. Broadway's Savion Glover stepped in with the film's choreography. Substitute singers featured the voice of Michael Dees for Sinatra and Mantegna duplicating Dino. Also covered here are the events that led to the filming of Mantegna (1960). For an actual Rat Pack stage performance, see The Rat Pack Captured (1965). Filmed in LA, the TV movie premiered August 22, 1998 on HBO. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi


Ray Liotta
as Frank Sinatra
Joe Mantegna
as Dean Martin
Don Cheadle
as Sammy Davis Jr.
Angus MacFadyen
as Peter Lawford
William Petersen
as John F. Kennedy
Bobby Slayton
as Joey Bishop
Zeljko Ivanek
as Bobby Kennedy
Robert Miranda
as Momo Giancana
Todd Susman
as Hank
Tyrees Allen
as George Jacobs
Veronica Cartwright
as Rocky Cooper
Megan Dodds
as May Britt
Barbara Niven
as Marilyn Monroe
John Diehl
as Joe DiMaggio
Dan O'Herlihy
as Joe Kennedy
Alan Woolf
as Mickey Cohen
Joe Cortese
as Johnny Roselli
Deborah Kara Unger
as Ava Gardner
Dey Young
as Jeanne Martin
Tom Dreeson
as Caesar's Comedian
Tom Dressen
as Caesar's Comedian
Mary Cadorette
as Betty
Michelle Grace
as Judy Campbell
Phyllis Lyons
as Pat Lawford
Charles Walker
as Jefferson


Rob Cohen
Kario Salem
Shane Hurlbut
Eric Sears
Stokely Chaffin
Neal H. Moritz
Executive Producer
Felipe Borrero
Sound/Sound Designer
Savion Glover
Nancy Foy
Marvin Westmore