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Raising Flagg Details


An elderly community handyman and notorious curmudgeon effectively isolates himself from his friends and neighbors by suing his lifelong best friend over a minor transgression in director Neal Miller's character-driven comedy drama. Flagg Purdy (Alan Arkin) is a cantankerous old coot who prides himself on principle. Despite Flagg's gruff exterior, his longtime wife, Ada (Barbara Dana), still cherishes her husband, and knows that his heart has always been in the right place. The pair's six grown children know too that their father has always meant well, even in times when his questionable parenting skills may have fallen a little on the heavy-handed side. One day, while playing his weekly game of checkers with friend and neighbor Gus Falk (Austin Pendleton), Flagg angrily accuses his nonplussed opponent of cheating. Though Gus is initially able to laugh off the accusation, the conflict soon escalates when Flagg storms into Gus' general store complaining that his friend's sheep have been relieving themselves a little too close to the well that supplies the Purdys' drinking water. When Gus retorts by pointing out that it is his well, and that the sheep are also his, the enraged Flagg responds by suing his neighbor. Though a surprise witness nets Flagg an unexpected win in the courtroom, the resulting effect that his litigious actions have on the family's already tenuous community relations soon leave his family in the lurch. Subsequently retiring to his "deathbed" and requesting the presence of his children before he bids the cruel and uncaring world a final farewell, Flagg is forced to consider that he may be more like his stubborn father than he would care to admit as, one by one, his offspring fail to bring their father back from the "brink." ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:September 28, 2007


Alan Arkin
as Flagg Purdy
Austin Pendleton
as Gus Falk
Clifton James
as Ed McIvor
Barbara Dana
as Ada Purdy
Glenne Headly
as Ann Marie Purdy
Sherilyn Lawson
as Paula (Ann Marie's Radio Client)
Robert Blanche
as Matt Durwood
Stephanie Lemelin
as Jenny Purdy
Melisa Kind
as Lupe Rodriguez
Richard Kind
as Bill Reed
Anna Stone
as Bonnie Salmi
Wrick Jones
as John Salmi
Joanna Johnson
as Gwen Cooper
George Fosgate
as Foster Cooper
Dawn Maxey
as Linette Purdy
Jan Hoag
as Judge Walker
Janet Penner
as Jury Forman
Lauren Holly
as Rachel Purdy
Ernie Garrett
as Al Smith
Betty Moyer
as Cathy Smith
Julian Lamb
as Matt Durwood, Jr.
Josh Thorpe
as Doug (Supermarket Punk)
Daniel Quinn
as Travis Purdy
Lyssa Browne
as Tammy Purdy
Jordan Fry
as Porter Purdy
Benjamin Lewis
as Travis Purdy, Jr.
Abby Lewis
as Jamie Porter
Rebecca Nachison
as Melinda (Casserole Lady)
Matthew Arkin
as Eldon Purdy
Vana O'Brien
as Edith Purdy
Cheryl Grant
as Anne Marie's Friend Andrea
Sylvia Welch
as Anne Marie's Friend Sarah
Anne Oxenhandler
as Friend at Grange Dance
Lealon Gordon
as Gus' Stock Boy Andy
Joey Lebard
as Male Stand-In
Nissa Winters
as Female Stand-In


Neal Miller
Nancy Miller
Neal Miller
Nancy Miller
Neal Miller
Dorothy Velasco
Erich Roland
Les Hooper
Composer (Music Score)
Alan Barcus
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Coyne
David Howe
Ken Morrisey
Hardy James
Associate Producer
Sean Fong
Set Decorator
Paola Lamorticella
Costume Designer
Ron Leamon
Costume Designer
Cathy Henderson
Megann Ratzow
Terry Hoffman
Sound Mixer
Dori Zuckerman
Benjamin Hayden
Set Dresser
Gigi Burke
Piper Rovin
Ski Szymanski
George Reddick
Assistant Director
Tom Flint
Production Assistant
Rich Bullock
Boom Operator
Larry Gudgel
Emily Dunlap
Extra Casting
Mike McAuliffe
Special Effects Editor
Rod Langdahl
Kirk Steppe
Production Supervisor
David Howe
Re-Recording Mixer
David Howe
Foley Recordist
Gerard Parr
Amy Vanderbeck
Special Effects Editor
Eric Solmonson
Lynne Fisher
Drew Pinniger
Properties Maker
Matt Barbee
Second Assistant Camera
Ted Jackson
John Kassebaum
First Assistant Camera
Wes Houle
Second Unit Camera
Tracy Prescott
Rick Langdahl
Rebecca Talbot
Production Secretary
Debbie Betson
Animal Trainer/Wrangler
Christian Steel
Mike Hanauska
Best Boy Grip
Fritz Brumder
Production Assistant
Yu Karitani
Second Assistant Camera
Geoff Vanderhyde
Dialogue Editor
Julian Cook
Line Producer
Mark Togne
Production Assistant
John Banholzer
Swing Gang
Gabe Smith
Production Assistant
Steven Steiner
Second Assistant Director
Dick Gunn
Musical Performer
Janet Gudgel
Karen Howe
Foley Artist
Grant Geissman
Musical Performer
Joe Solberg
Eric Sprado
Musical Performer
James Leming
Craft Service/Catering
Tawni Fritz-Mcalpine
Production Accountant
Jason Biggs
Craft Service/Catering
Carrie Eastman
Production Assistant
Ryan Austin
Rose Barclay
Assistant Hair
Rose Barclay
Assistant Makeup
Audrey Capotosta
Assistant Editor

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