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Radar Men From the Moon: Chapter 11 - Planned Pursuit Details

  • Runtime: 13 min.


Before he collapses from the noxious fumes, Commando Cody (George Wallace) manages to sound the alarm and the more or less comatose party is rescued by Officer Doyle (Jack O'Shea). With Joan Gilbert (Aline Towne) behind the wheel, Cody pursues Graber (Clayton Moore) and Daly (Bob Stevenson) down Wilshire Boulevard, a high-speed chase culminating in the arrest of the two henchmen. But Cody persuades the authorities to release the villains, hoping they will lead him to their leader, Krog (Peter Brocco). He tails them to a cave in the mountains where in the ensuing fight Krog is pushed up against a control panel and electrocuted. As chapter 11 reaches its conclusion, Graber shoves Commando Cody against the very same panel. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi