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For his second commercial feature, following a pair of experimental films and 1977's Shivers, Canadian horror auteur David Cronenberg continued to mine the themes of disease and mutation that were already becoming his perennial concerns. Marilyn Chambers stars as Rose, an attractive young woman who becomes horribly injured in a motorcycle accident. Spirited away to the clinic of Drs. Dan and Roxanne Keloid (Howard Ryshpan and Patricia Gage), a pair of experimental plastic surgeons, Rose becomes an unwitting guinea pig in an operation that grafts genetically modified tissue into her body. Waking from her coma to find she is unable to ingest normal food, Rose unwittingly feeds on human blood by means of a phallic organ that emerges from a vulval orifice in her armpit. Within hours of providing Rose with sustenance, her victims fall prey to an incurable, highly contagious disease that turns them into raving lunatics who foam at the mouth and attack others indiscriminately. Soon, Montreal is under martial law, but nobody can find the Typhoid Mary whose vampiric urges are driving the epidemic -- not even Hart (Frank Moore), Rose's befuddled boyfriend. Although she is best-known for her starring role in the crossover porn epic Behind the Green Door, Chambers actually received her start in features with 1970's The Owl and the Pussycat. Rabid also stars TV and stage veteran Joe Silver as Murray Cypher, a mutual friend of Hart and the Keloids. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

  • Release date:April 8, 1977


Marilyn Chambers
as Rose
Joe Silver
as Murray Cypher
Howard Ryshpan
as Dr. Dan Keloid
Patricia Gage
as Dr. Roxanne Keloid
Susan Roman
as Mindy Kent
Roger Periard
as Lloyd Walsh
Harry Hill
as Stasiuk
Louis Negin
as Maxim
Kirk McColl
as Desk Sergeant
Miguel Fernandes
as Man in Cinema
Gary McKeehan
as Smooth Eddy
Jerome Tiberghien
as Dr. Carl
John Boylan
as Young Cop in Plaza
Denis Lacroix
as Drunken Indian
Vlasta Vrana
as Cop at Clinic
Robert O'Ree
as Police Sergeant
Peter MacNeill
as Leader
Jack Messinger
as Policeman on Highway
Riva Spier
Victor Desy
as Claude LaPointe
Bob Girolami
as Newscaster
Una Kay
as Jackie
Allan Moyle
as Young Man in Lobby
John Gilbert
as Dr. Royce Gentry


David Cronenberg
John Dunning
David Cronenberg
Jean Lafleur
Claude Marchand
Art Director
Don Carmody
Daniel Goldberg
Associate Producer
Ivan Reitman
Executive Producer
Andre Link
Executive Producer
Erla Gliserman
Costume Designer
Albert Griswold
Special Effects
Mireille Recton
Joe Blasco
Makeup Special Effects
Andrew Deskin
Assistant Properties
Byrd Holland