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The Quiet Details


A withdrawn, deaf, and mute teen adopted by her godparents following the death of her single father finds that life in her dysfunctional new home can be quite deadly in director Jamie Babbit's slick and tense teen thriller. The last word Dot (Camilla Belle) ever spoke was when her mother died at the age of seven. Subsequently thrust into a world of silence as a result of her catastrophic loss, Dot lives in a world of withdrawn solitude. When the death of her father renders the muted teen both homeless and orphaned, her suburban godparents, Paul (Martin Donovan) and Olivia Deer (Edie Falco) readily agree to take Dot in and ensure that she has a place to stay as she finishes her high-school education. All is not well in the Deer household, however, and after being rejected and ridiculed by the couple's teenage daughter, Nina (Elisha Cuthbert), Dot soon becomes something of a human confessional to the troubled souls that surround her. From father Paul's twisted incestuous longings to mother Olivia's pill-popping excess and daughter Nina's murderous plan to do away with her leering dad, everyone has something to say to the girl who can say nothing. With Nina's prominent social life quickly unraveling and tensions within the household threatening to explode into violence, Dot is about to reveal that she has a few secrets of her own that are sure to complicate matters. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 25, 2006


Jamie Babbit
Joel Michaely
Carolyn Pfeiffer
Holly Wiersma
Andrea Sperling
Micah Schraft
Abdi Nazemian
M. David Mullen
Jeff Rona
Composer (Music Score)
Joan Sobel
John Frick
Production Designer
Elisha Cuthbert
Associate Producer
Thomas Schatz
Executive Producer
Aimee Kandl
Costume Designer
James Fowler
Set Decorator
Andrew Gohn
Sound/Sound Designer
Barbara Fiorentino
Tom McArdle
Additional Editing