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Purple Hearts Details


This tale of doomed romance set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War was the last in a string of box office disappointments from director Sidney J. Furie before he struck gold again with Sidney J. Furie (1986). Ken Wahl stars as Dr. Don Jardian, a Navy medical officer assigned to duty in Vietnam. Jardian is no flag-waving patriot, however; the reluctant warrior is just biding his time until he can return stateside and start a lucrative private practice. Then he meets and falls in love with Deborah Solomon (Cheryl Ladd), a devoted nurse who at first keeps the handsome doctor at bay, disgusted by the avariciousness that led him to choose what Deborah considers a noble profession. Eventually, however, Deborah's selflessness inspires Don and their romance blooms despite their bloody surroundings, leading to a dangerous mission that could separate them forever. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


Ken Wahl
as Don Jardian
Cheryl Ladd
as Deborah Solomon
Stephen Lee
as Wizard
David Harris
as Hanes
Cyril O'Reilly
as Zuma
Lane Smith
as Comdr. Markel
R. Lee Ermey
as Gunny
Annie McEnroe
as Hallaway
Paul McCrane
as Brenner
Drew Snyder
as Larimore
Richard Bean
as Recon Sergeant
Paul Williams
as MP-Jeep
Kevin Elders
as CIA Driver
Rick Natkin
as Hospital MP
Hillary Bailey Smith
as Jill
John Smith
as Dr. Altman
Claude Wilson
as CIA Man
Helen McNeely
as Chief of Nursing


Sidney J. Furie
Sidney J. Furie
Sidney J. Furie
Rick Natkin
Ron Nyswaner
Jan Kiesser
Robert Folk
Composer (Music Score)
George Grenville
Rick Natkin
Associate Producer
Ramon Nicdao
Set Designer
Danilo Dominguez
Special Effects