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Pure Luck Details


This wacky buddy comedy was the fifth in a series of Hollywood remakes of films by French director Francis Veber, none of which were box office successes. Sheila Kelley is Valerie Highsmith, an heiress who, despite her family's wealth, suffers from horribly bad luck. On a vacation to Mexico, she takes a fall, causing amnesia, then is mugged and kidnapped for ransom. When her father (Sam Wanamaker) becomes frustrated with the failed attempts of a detective, Ray Campanella (Danny Glover) to find his daughter, he teams a very reluctant Ray with Eugene Proctor (Martin Short), an accountant whose bumbling bad luck is even worse than Valerie's. The theory is that perhaps two such incredibly unlucky people will act like magnets, with Eugene leading Ray to Valerie's location. Although Ray finds Eugene irritating, the unlikely partners eventually begin making surprising progress in the case, despite Eugene's never-ending screw-ups and pratfalls. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:August 9, 1991


Martin Short
as Eugene Proctor
Danny Glover
as Raymond Campanella
Sheila Kelley
as Valerie Highsmith
Sam Wanamaker
as Mr. Highsmith
Scott Wilson
as Grimes
Jorge Russek
as Inspector Segura
Harry Shearer
as Monosoff
Rodrigo Puebla
as Fernando
Jorge Luke
as Pilot
Ignacio Gomez
as Policeman
Sammy Ortiz
as Gambler
Sergio Calderon
as Night Club Bartender
Gerardo Moreno
as Hood
Rolando Pimentel
as Hotel Porter
Malena Doria
as Nun
Ruben Cristiany
as Hotel Porter
Jorge Luis Corzo
as Purse Thief
Alexandra Vicencio
as Nurse
Julian Bucio
as Policeman
Flavio Castillero
as Doorman
Magda Rodriguez
as Girl's Girlfriend
Hector Tavares
as Policeman
Rene Escandon
as Hood
Lionel Douglass
as Man at Airport Restaurant
Sharlene Martin
as Nurse
Josefina Echanove
as Nun
Jorge Zepeda
as Airport Guard
Ana Patricia
as Woman at Restaurant
Patricia Gage
as Secretary
Gabriel Pingarron
as Prison Guard
Michael Puttonen
as Taxi Driver
Pedro Altamirano
as Prison Guard
Pepe Olivares
as Room Service Waiter
Deryl Hayes
as Airport Employee
Jason Robards, Jr.
Fernando Elizondo
as Doorman
Rodolfo de Alexandra
as Indian
Ariane Pellicer
as Girl at Club
Abel Woolrich
as Prisoner
Mario Arreola
as Concierge
Alan C. Peterson
as Large Man
Willebaldo Bucio
as Purse Thief
Nicholas Jasso
as Hood
Arminius Arzate
as Policeman
Walter Marsh
as Airport Security Guard
Carlos Romano
as Airport Waiter
Jesus Moreno
as Hotel Porter
Andaluz Russell
as Reception Manager


Nadia Tass
Conrad Hool
Sean Daniel
Francis Veber
Lance Hool
Herschel Weingrod
Babaloo Mandel
David Mirkin
Lowell Ganz
David Parker
Jonathan Sheffer
Composer (Music Score)
Danny Elfman
Composer (Music Score)
Billy Weber
Grania Preston
Costume Designer
Joe Dunne