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The Punisher Details


An ordinary lawman goes outside the law to carry out his own brand of justice in this dark-themed thriller. Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) is an FBI agent who deeply loves his wife and son, but is also strongly devoted to his work. Castle's investigation of a powerful crime cartel leads to a gunfight which claims the life of a young boy, whose father is underworld kingpin Howard Saint (John Travolta). Furious and eager for revenge, Saint arranges for Castle and his family to be murdered in retaliation. However, while Castle's wife and son are killed, he somehow survives, even though he's believed to have perished. Bent on stopping Saint once and for all, Castle remakes himself as The Punisher, a ruthless and heavily armed killing machine who will not rest until Saint and his crew have been wiped clean from the Earth. Based on a Marvel Comics character first introduced in 1974, The Punisher also stars Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Laura Elena Harring, Roy Scheider, and Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 16, 2004


Thomas Jane
as Frank Castle/The Punisher
John Travolta
as Howard Saint
Will Patton
as Leonard Glass
Roy Scheider
as Mr. Castle
Laura Elena Harring
as Livia Saint
Ben Foster
as Spacker Dave
Samantha Mathis
as Maria Castle
James Carpinello
as John Saint
Russell Andrews
as Jimmy Weeks
Edward Jemison
as Nicky Duka
John Pinette
as Mr. Bumpo
Rebecca Romijn
as Joan "The Mouse"
Mark Collie
as Harry "Heck" Thornton
Eduardo Yañez
as Mike Toro
Omar Avila
as Joe Toro
Kevin Nash
as The Russian
Marcus Johns
as Will Castle
Eddie Jamison
as Nikki Duka
Tom Nowicki
as Lincoln
Jeff Chase
as Enforcer
Russell Durham
as Tatooed Mike
Jeff Chase
as Enforcer
Tom Nowicki
as Lincoln
Eddie Jamison
as Nikki Duka


Jonathan Hensleigh
Gale Anne Hurd
Michael France
Jonathan Hensleigh
Michael Tolkin
Conrad W. Hall
Carlo Siliotto
Composer (Music Score)
Jojo Villanueva
Musical Direction/Supervision
Steven Kemper
Rick Heinrichs
Production Designer
Michael Z. Hanan
Production Designer
Arlan Jay Vetter
Art Director
Steve Saklad
Art Director
John Dexter
Art Director
John Hansen
Art Director
Andreas Grosch
Avi Arad
Christopher Eberts
Executive Producer
Stan Lee
Executive Producer
Kevin Feige
Executive Producer
Patrick Gunn
Executive Producer
Richard Saperstein
Executive Producer
Andrew Golov
Executive Producer
Andreas Schmid
Executive Producer
Gina B. Cranham
Set Designer
Richard Fojo
Set Designer
Lisa Tomczeszyn
Costume Designer
Casey Hallenbeck
Set Decorator
Tim Cooney
Sound/Sound Designer
David Sardi
First Assistant Director
Pam Dixon
Gary Hymes
Second Unit Director
Gary Hymes
Stunts Coordinator