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Project X Details


Project X is a top-secret government undertaking involving trained chimpanzees. Grounded pilot Matthew Broderick, assigned to teach the chimps how to operate a flight simulator, discovers that his charges are to be subjected to high levels of radiation to test potential human endurance. Risking a court martial, Broderick links up with Helen Hunt, the researcher who has taught the chimps sign language, to save the simians from destruction. The serious subtext of Project X is forgotten during a Disneyesque comic finale, wherein the lovable chimps nearly trigger a nuclear meltdown! Without taking anything away from human stars Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt, we must note that the most engaging performance in Project X is delivered by Willie the Chimp, who essays the challenging role of Virgil the Chimp. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:April 17, 1987


Matthew Broderick
as Jimmy Garrett
Helen Hunt
as Teresa Teri McDonald, Psychologist
Bill Sadler
as Dr. Lynnard Carroll
Johnny Ray McGhee
as Isaac Robertson
Jonathan Stark
as Sgt. Kreig Kreiger
Robin Gammell
as Col. Niles
Stephen Lang
as Watts
Jean Smart
as Dr. Criswell
Chuck Bennett
as Gen. Claybourne
Sonny Davis
as Sgt. Ridley
Lance August
as Cochran
Sam Laws
as Bartender
Julian Sylvester
as Airman
Dick Miller
as Max King, Freight Clerk
Pamela Ludwig
as Lenore
Ken Sagoes
as Patrolman
Michael McGrady
as Wilson
Marvin J. McIntyre
as Jimmy's Cellmate
Lynn Eastman
as Sgt. Huntley
David Stenstrom
as Lt. Durschlag
Deborah Offner
as Carol Lee
Tee Rodgers
as Brig M.P.
Robert Covarrubias
as M.P. Rodriguez
Ward Costello
as Price
Michael Kramer
as Lt. Voeks
Anne Lockhart
Reed R. McCants
as Lt. Frohman
Harry Northrup
as Congressman
Michael Milgrom
as Melvin
Richard Cummings, Jr.
as Lt. Hayes
Raymond Elmendorf
as Air Policeman
Jackie Kinner
as United Way Volunteer
Lance E. Nichols
as Hamer
Mady Kaplan
as TV Announcer
Kim Robillard
as Lt. Rainey
Swede Johnson
as Senator
Daniel Roebuck
as Hadfield
Shelly Desai
as Mr. Verrous
as Razzberry Chimp
Gil Mandelik
as Perks
Duncan Wilmore
as Maj. Duncan
Bob Minor
as Air Policeman
Randal Patrick
as Mackler
David Raynr
as Airman Curtis
Travis Swords
as Fanara
Jackson Sleet
as Tavel
Stan Foster
as Daniels
Ken Lerner
as Finley
Chevis Cooper
as Customer
Catherine Paolone
as Miss Decker


Jonathan Kaplan
Walter Parkes
Lawrence Lasker
Lawrence Lasker
Lawrence Lasker
Screen Story
Walter Parkes
Dean Cundey
Peter Gabriel
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Gary Mallaber
Chris McCarty
C.O. Erickson
Executive Producer
Lynn Christopher
Set Designer
Rick Simpson
Set Designer
Mary Vogt
Costume Designer
Petur Hliddal
Sound/Sound Designer
Albert M. Shapiro
First Assistant Director
Raymond Stella
Camera Operator
Jackie Burch
Michael Westmore
Kevin Bartnof
Foley Artist