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Presumed Innocent Details


Rusty Sabich (Harrison Ford) is a bland, oppressed man who burns with a quiet, corrosive intensity that can flare uncontrollably. A Philadelphia prosecutor, Sabich's fire seems to have one outlet: his job. He loves prosecuting people. Otherwise, his life is dead-ended. He has a loveless marriage to a neurotic woman (Bonnie Bedelia) and an overbearing boss (Brian Dennehy) in a labyrinthine law enforcement world of corruption and twisted relationships. Then Carolyn Polhemus (Greta Scacchi) comes into his life. Lovely and seductive, Polhemus easily entices him to break his marital vows, but she schemes to get him to try for his boss' job. When he refuses, she leaves him. When she turns up dead, the victim of an apparent rape-murder, clues begin to point to Sabich. His blood type almost perfectly matches that in the semen found in the victim, carpet fibers at the crime scene match those found in his house, and most damning, his fingerprints are found on a beer glass in Polhemus' apartment. His protestations of innocence ignored, Sabich is put on trial for the murder and hires his biggest adversary (Raul Julia) to defend him. ~ Nick Sambides, Jr., Rovi

  • Release date:July 27, 1990


Harrison Ford
as Rusty Sabich
Brian Dennehy
as Raymond Horgan
Raul Julia
as Sandy Stern
Bonnie Bedelia
as Barbara Sabich
Paul Winfield
as Judge Larren Lyttle
Greta Scacchi
as Carolyn Polhemus
John Spencer
as Detective Lipranzer
Joe Grifasi
as Tommy Molto
Sab Shimono
as "Painless" Kumagai
Jesse Bradford
as Nat Sabich
Peter Appel
as Glendenning
Ronald C. Frazier
as Stew Dubinsky
Ted Neustadt
as Prosecuting Attorney
Christine Estabrook
as Lydia "Mac" MacDougall
Liz Williams
as Prosecuting Attorney
David Wohl
as Morrie Dickerman
Michael Tolan
as Mr. Pohlemus
Miles Watson
as Arresting Detective
Kimberleigh Aarn
as Prosecuting Attorney
John Ottavino
as Chet
Thom Cagle
as Camp Counselor
Carla Goff
as Reporter
Anna Maria Horsford
as Eugenia
Tom Mardirosian
as Nico Della Guardia
DeAnn Mears
as Loretta
Bo Rucker
as Mike Duke
Leland Gantt
as Leon Wells
Ed Wheeler
as Jim, Arresting Detective
Julia Meade
as Moderator
John Seitz
as Balestrieri
Janis Corsair
as Reporter
Tucker Smallwood
as Detective Harold Greer
John Vennema
as Hudge Mumphrey
J. Bennett
as Guerasch
Ricky Rosa
as Camper
Michael Genet
as Court Clerk
Joseph Mazzello
as Wendell McGaffney
Jeffrey Wright
as Prosecuting Attorney
Bill Winkler
as Tom
Robert Katims
as Cody
Victor Truro
as Prosecuting Attorney
Joseph Carberry
as Mr. McGaffney
Bradley Whitford
as Jamie Kemp
Allison Field
as Reporter
Madison Arnold
as Sgt. Lionel Kenneally


Alan J. Pakula
Alan J. Pakula
Scott Turow
Book Author
Frank Pierson
Gordon Willis
John Williams
Composer (Music Score)
Evan Lottman
Mark Rosenberg
Sydney Pollack
Susan Solt
Executive Producer
Carol Joffe
Set Designer
John Boxer
Costume Designer
Fern Buchner