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Prelude to a Kiss Details


In this quirky romantic comedy about soul transference, Alec Baldwin plays Peter Hoskins, the straight-laced head of the microfiche department at a company that publishes scientific journals. When he meets a free-spirited, sleep-deprived bartender named Rita (Meg Ryan), the opposites attract and launch into a round-the-clock romance characterized by private jokes and an intense connection that defies description. When the two decide to marry, however, an unforeseeable cosmic occurrence entirely alters the nature of their relationship. Those who claim that marriage changes a person couldn't be more right in this case, as a confused old man (Sydney Walker) wanders into the wedding reception and plants a single kiss on the lips of the new bride. Longing for the youthfulness he sees in the happy couple, the man inadvertently causes the two to switch bodies during the smooch. Thinking no one will believe the story, Rita (now hidden inside a cancer-ridden octogenarian) leaves the premises before causing any more of a stir, while the old man in Rita's body is whisked off with Peter on their honeymoon before anyone is the wiser. Soon, Peter begins noticing that his new bride is an entirely different person, but can't figure out why -- and wonders if it's just a natural dose of cold feet. When he can no longer ignore the total dissimilarity, Peter begins suspecting that something supernatural has occurred, and wondering how he can restore his wife to her former self, especially when her body's new occupant resists the effort and goes on the lam. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

  • Release date:July 10, 1992


Alec Baldwin
as Peter Hoskins
Meg Ryan
as Rita Boyle
Kathy Bates
as Leah Blier
Ned Beatty
as Dr. Boyle
Patty Duke
as Ms. Boyle
Richard Riehle
as Jerry Blier
Stanley Tucci
as Taylor
Rocky Carroll
as Tom
Victoria Haas
as 3rd Bridesmaid
Annie Golden
as Tin Market Musician
Peter Lloyd
as Jamaican Waiter
Peter Couch
as Piano Player
Glendon Gabbard
as Dancing Man
Jane Alderman
as Mrs. Sokol
Ozzie Wilkins
as Hotel Band - Trumpet
Ward Ohrman
as Minister
Salli Richardson
as 2nd Bridesmaid
Paul Hussey
as Hotel Band-Flute
Andrew Fatta
as Hotel Band-Drums
Rob Riley
as Mr. Sokol
Fern Persons
as Elderly Woman
Ray Gill
as Uncle Fred
Jobe Cerny
as Clerk
Debra Monk
as Aunt Dorothy
Lucina Paquet
as Dancing Woman
Sally Murphy
as 1st Bridesmaid
Robert Lindo
as Hotel Band-Trombone
Peter Hudson
as Hotel Band-Sax
Jason LaPadura


Norman Rene
Michael Levy
Michael Gruskoff
Craig Lucas
Play Author
Craig Lucas
Stefan Czapsky
Howard Shore
Composer (Music Score)
Stephen A. Rotter
Andrew Jackness
Production Designer
W. Steven Graham
Art Director
Craig Lucas
Norman Rene
Deborah Schindler
Associate Producer
Jennifer Ogden
Executive Producer
Susan Raney
Set Designer
Cindy Carr
Set Designer
Walter Hicklin
Costume Designer
Les Lazarowitz
Sound/Sound Designer
James J. Sabat
Sound/Sound Designer