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Prehistoric Women Details


Partially filmed at Whittier, CA, and at Hollywood's General Service Studio, this low-budget exploitation melodrama features Laurette Luez as Tigri, the head of a tribe of Amazonian women charged by an elder (Janette Scott) to find and capture husbands by the next full moon. Tigri finds and captures Engor (Allan Nixon), but a rival, Arva (Mara Lynn), also claims the handsome cave-dwelling tribesman. Tigri, however, manages to hold on to her man, but Engor gets the upper hand after accidentally discovering how to make fire by striking two stones together. The women are soon turned into slaves, but this little idyll is rudely disrupted by the arrival of Guaddi, an eight-foot giant who threatens to destroy them all. The giant is eventually slain by the men and Tigri, who has fallen in love, persuades Engor to return with her to the women's camp where the elder marries them. Sold on the independent exploitation circuit, Prehistoric Women reportedly made a mint for its producer, Albert J. Cohen. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi


Laurette Luez
as Tigri
Allan Nixon
as Engor
Joan Shawlee
as Lotee
Judy Landon
as Eras
Mara Lynn
as Arva
Dennis Dengate
as Kama
Jeanne Sorel
as Tana
Janette Scott
as Wise Old Lady


Sam X. Abarbanel
Sam X. Abarbanel
Lionel Lindon
Raoul Kraushaar
Composer (Music Score)