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Pray for Morning Details


Twenty years after the brutal slaying of five students at an abandoned resort hotel, a group of fearless students return to the site of the original crime only to discover that the murderer is still on the loose and waiting to strike again. The year was 1984: A group of five students broke into the Royal Crescent Hotel as part of a local rite of passage. Days later, their bodies were found mutilated. The killer was believed to be a local drifter, though no one was ever caught or convicted of the murders. At the time, the press made no mention of the fact that the bereaved parents insisted that the police hire a psychic to locate the murderer, and that after handing one of the student's personal objects the clairvoyant claimed to have seen the killer's face. Though the psychic had claimed that the killer was still inside the hotel, a comprehensive sweep of every floor yielded to clues to his whereabouts. Later that same night, the psychic died in her sleep, effectively rendering the case cold. Flash forward twenty years later, and another group of students conducting a so-called "Tour of Fear" break into the hotel on a mission to visit each of the five rooms where the high schoolers had been slain. Upon discovering a severed hand in one of the rooms, the students unleash a terrifying force that has haunted the hotel grounds for nearly a century. Now, if they can only solve the mystery of a world-class hotel that once hosted royalty before mysteriously plunging into disrepute, perhaps that can escape with their lives and save their immortal souls from eternal damnation. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Jonathan Trent
as Jesse
Jessica Stroup
as Ashley
Dennis Flanagan
as Dylan
Ashlee Turner
as Lily
Jackson Rathbone
as Connor
Brandon Novitsky
as Topher
Kip Martin
as Rand
Rachel Veltri
as Bunny
Robert F. Lyons
as William Proctor
Udo Kier
as Edouard Leopold Edu


Cartney Wearn
Norm Novitsky
Cartney Wearn
Patrice Lucien Cochet
Vincent Gillioz
Composer (Music Score)
Joel Bender
Norm Novitsky
Executive Producer
Stephanie Portnoy
Costume Designer
Dean Fronk