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Possessed by the Night Details


Exploitation king [[Performer~P107679~Fred Olen Ray~fredolenray]] was well entrenched in his "Erotic Thriller" phase (typified by films like [[Feature~V24882~Inner Sanctum~innersanctum]]) when he turned out this oddball mix of salacious schemes and demonic possession. When creatively blocked horror writer Howard ([[Performer~P107122~Ted Prior~tedprior]]) buys an oversized jar containing a silly-looking pickled monster from a tiny shop in Chinatown, he quickly falls under the thing's supernatural influence. Not only can he churn out reams of manuscript pages like never before, he also becomes more sexually aggressive -- a change which troubles his reserved wife Peggy (statuesque [[Performer~P5659~Sandahl Bergman~sandahlbergman]]), particularly after the arrival of sexy blonde live-in secretary Carol ([[Performer~P72236~Shannon Tweed~shannontweed]], whose presence had become ubiquitous in films of this kind). The plot thickens when we learn that Carol is also conspiring with her partner Murray ([[Performer~P220891~Frank Sivero~franksivero]]), Howard's greedy agent, to steal his manuscript. Carol soon becomes the puppet of the thing in the jar as well, playing violent sexual games with the couple, terrorizing Peggy at every turn, and ultimately turning on Murray -- leading to a hyper-violent climax which has nearly every character blasting away at his/her co-conspirator with automatic weaponry. Despite the heftier financial backing of Columbia Home Video, this is still exploitation in the classic [[Performer~P107679~Ray~fredolenray]] tradition, filled with the usual bucketloads of nudity and kinky sex, and featuring cameos from such familiar B-movie faces as Ray Silva and [[Performer~P6039~Turhan Bey~turhanbey]], as well as [[Performer~P228684~Kato Kaelin~katokaelin]] as a busboy in the restaurant scene with [[Performer~P6039~Bey~turhanbey]]. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi


Sandahl Bergman
as Peggy Hansen
Kato Kaelin
as Bus Boy
Alan Amiel
as Detective
Ted Prior
as Howard Hansen
Shannon Tweed
as Carol McKay
Henry Silva
as Scott Lindsey
Amy Rochelle
as Bikini Woman
Sigal Diamant
as Receptionist
Byron Mann
as Fok Ping Wong
Chad McQueen
as Gus
Turhan Bey
as Calvin
Frank Sivero
as Murray Dunlap
Fred Olen Ray
as Waiter
Peter Spellos
as Big Ed


Fred Olen Ray
Chuck Cirino
Composer (Music Score)

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