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Porky's 2: The Next Day Details


The real world once more takes a back seat to a caricature of itself as the same Florida high-school teens who grossed profits in by grossing out, have to band together to stop their Shakespeare festival (!!) from being cancelled, due to a crusading, right-wing reverend's attack on the bard's "lewd" content. The reverend is joined by Miss Balbricker(Nancy Parsons) the girls' gym teacher and also the Ku Klux Klan who object to Romeo being played by an Indian. These unlikely allies come up against the libido-laden teens who strip the Ku Klux Klanners and send them running through town naked. Similar styles of revenge are taken to handle Miss Balbrick and the right-wing reverend -- apparently all's well that ends well at the box office. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Dan Monahan
as Pee Wee
Mark Herrier
as Billy
Cyril O'Reilly
as Tim
Tony Ganios
as Meat
Kaki Hunter
as Wendy
Scott Colomby
as Brian
Nancy Parsons
as Balbricker
Joseph Running Fox
as John Henry
Eric Christmas
as Carter
Bill Wiley
as Reverand Bubba Flavel
Edward Winter
as Gebhardt
Jack Mulcahy
as Frank
Wayne Knight
as Tommy
Will Knickerbocker
as Klan #1
Francine Joyce
as Screaming Girl
Rooney Kerwin
Peter Conrad
Rod Ball
as Steve
Adrienne Hampton
as Betty
Fred Buch
as Commissioner Hurley
Bill Wohrman
as Ted's Partner
Dan Fitzgerald
Tom Tully
as Waiter
Richard Liberty
as Commissioner Couch
Ilse Earl
as Mrs. Morris
Melanie Grefe
Art Hindle
as Ted
Ted Richert
as Maitre D'
Mal Jones
as Major Abernathy
Anthony Penya
as Bill Jumper
William Fuller
as Eustis (Klan Leader)


Bob Clark
Bob Clark
Harold Greenberg
Melvin Simon
Don Carmody
Alan Landsburg
Bob Clark
Alan Ormsby
Carl Zittrer
Composer (Music Score)
Alan Bernard
Musical Direction/Supervision
Stan Cole
Ken Heeley-Ray
Associate Producer
Gary Goch
Associate Producer
Melvin Simon
Executive Producer
Mary E. McLeod
Costume Designer
Alan Bernard
Sound/Sound Designer
Marci Liroff