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Police Academy 3: Back in Training Details


In this third installment of the slapstick comedy series about novice police officers with less than dubious abilities, two police academies have to compete with each other in order to stay in business. The state's skinflint governor claims he has less money to spread around, so one of the police training academies is going to be axed. Commandant Lassard ([[Performer~P26241~George Gaynes~georgegaynes]]) calls back some of his former recruits to train the new batch of students, hoping to get the edge on the rival academy. Among the newcomers are brassy Cadet Zed (Bobcat Goldthwait), who is a former gang leader, and his roommate Cadet Sweetchuck ([[Performer~P37227~Tim Kazurinsky~timkazurinsky]]). Sweetchuck is a wimpy noodle whose [[Performer~P88601~Clint Eastwood~clinteastwood]] impersonation is one of the film's most honestly funny moments. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:March 21, 1986


Steve Guttenberg
as Carey Mahoney
Bubba Smith
as Moses Hightower
David Graf
as Eugene Tackleberry
Michael Winslow
as Larvell Jones
Bruce Mahler
as Sgt. Fackler
Leslie Easterbrook
as Lt. Callahan
Marion Ramsey
as Sgt. Hooks
Art Metrano
as Commandant Mauser
Tim Kazurinsky
as Cadet Sweetchick
Bobcat Goldthwait
as Cadet Zed
George Gaynes
as Commandant Lassard
Shawn Weatherly
as Cadet Adams
Scott Thomson
as Sgt. Copeland
Lance Kinsey
as Lt. Proctor
Brian Tochi
as Cadet Nogata
Debra Scott
as Cadet Fackler
Ed Nelson
as Gov. Neilson
David James Elliott
as Cadet
Jack Creley
as Mr. Bellows
George R. Robertson
as Chief Hurst
Andrew Paris
as Cadet Kirkland
Sam Stone
as Cabbie
Mary Ann Coles
as Mrs. Hurst
Brant Van Hoffman
as Sgt. Blanks
Doug Lennox
as Axe Murderer
Fran Gebhard
as Woman at Cafe
Fred Livingstone
as Elderly Man
Georgina Spelvin
as The Hooker
Gladys O'Connor
as Woman at Phone Booth
Gloria Summers
as Maid
Grant Cowan
as Line-Up Room Victim
Les Nirenberg
as Man with Cigar
Lyn Jackson
as Mrs. Chick
Marcia Watkins
as Sarah
Arthur Batanides
as Mr. Kirkland
Pam Hyatt
as Sarah's Mother
Peter Colvey
as Gang Member
Pierre Berube
as Boy on Bicycle
Rita Tuckett
as Mrs. Tyler
Teddy Abner
as Tommy
Anton Tyukodi
as Purse Snatcher
Colleen Camp
Bruce Pirie
as Line-Up Room Cop
Chas Lawther
as Mr. Delanny
David Huband
as Chief Hodges


Jerry Paris
Paul Maslansky
Gene Quintano
Robert Saad
Tena Clark
Andy Hernandez
Robert Folk
Composer (Music Score)
Bud Molin
Rhiley Fuller
Art Director
Donald West
Associate Producer
Aleida MacDonald
Costume Designer
Howard Brandy
Ken Brooke