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Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Details


Who do you send after a gang of stump-dumb crooks? Who else but the most intellectually-challenged police force in America, in the sixth installment of the series. The Wilson Heights Gang, three thieves whose success as criminals is in inverse proportion to their outwardly-displayed intelligence and criminal talent, are managing to terrorize the city in spite of themselves. The increasingly feeble Commandant Lassard (George Gaynes) and his much-put-upon second-in-command Capt. Harris (G.W. Bailey) are instructed to bring the crooks to justice; of course, with the Police Academy regulars as their task force, that's much easier said than done. Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow, Leslie Easterbrook, Marion Ramsey, and Bruce Mahler are on hand once again as the comical cops; Peter Bonerz, a former regular on Peter Bonerz, stepped in as director. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 10, 1989


Bubba Smith
as Moses Hightower
David Graf
as Eugene Tackleberry
Michael Winslow
as Larvell Jones
Leslie Easterbrook
as Callahan
Marion Ramsey
as Hooks
Lance Kinsey
as Proctor
Matt McCoy
as Nick
Bruce Mahler
as Feckler
G.W. Bailey
as Capt. Harris
George Gaynes
as Commandant Lassard
Kenneth Mars
as Mayor
Gerritt Graham
as Ace
George R. Robertson
as Police Commissioner Hurst
Susan Hegarty
as Saleswoman
Greg Collins
as SWAT Team Leader
Peter Elbing
as Store Manager
Michael Fosberg
as Friend
Lou Butera
as Pool Shooter
Mark Jay Goodman
as Businessman
Billie Bird
as Mrs. Stanwyck
Roger E. Reid
as Xeroxed Policeman
Melvin Glover
as Rap Man
Michael Leopard
as Gym Officer
Anna Mathias
as Bank Teller
Peder Melhuse
as Cop Who Sighs
Daniel Ben Wilson
as Tackleberry, Jr.
Tom Lawrence
as Cop Who Eats a Child
Darryl Henriques
as Man in a Hurry
Darwyn Swalve
as Ox
Rusdi Lane
as Yuppie with Squeaky Shoes
Beans Morocco
as Bank President
Carlos Cervantes
as Hustler
Allison Mack
as Little Girl
Brian Seeman
as Flash
Dennis Ott
as Looter
Arthur Batanides
as Mr. Kirkland
Christopher Wolf
as Gym Officer
Fritz Bronner
as Friend
Ralph Blandshaw
as Rap Man
Angelo Tiffe
as Cop #1
Starr Gilliard
as Officer
Roberta Haynes
as Bus Passenger
Alexander Folk
as Well-dressed Man


Peter Bonerz
Donald West
Paul Maslansky
Stephen J. Curwick
Robert Folk
Composer (Music Score)
Hubert de la Bouillerie
Richard Fernandez
Set Designer
Jai Galati
Costume Designer
Peter Flaherty
Costume Designer
Pete Antico
Jim Halty
Howard Brandy