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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Details


In the third sequel to the hit comedy , Commandant Lassard (George Gaynes) decides that the police force is overworked and understaffed, and he comes up with the idea of recruiting civilian volunteers to work side-by-side with his officers. Of course, with the hapless Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) in charge of training the new Neighborhood Watch groups, one might reasonably expect things will not go smoothly; meanwhile, the duplicitous Capt. Harris (G.W. Bailey) sets his sights on Lassard's job, and he schemes to get his aging boss out of the way. Series regulars Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow, Bob Goldthwait, and Tim Kazurinsky are on board, as is Sharon Stone, who moved on to bigger and better things a few years later. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 3, 1987


Steve Guttenberg
as Carey Mahoney
Bubba Smith
as Moses Hightower
Michael Winslow
as Larvell Jones
David Graf
as Eugene Tackleberry
Sharon Stone
as Claire Mattson
Tim Kazurinsky
as Sweetchuck
Leslie Easterbrook
as Callahan
Marion Ramsey
as Hooks
Lance Kinsey
as Proctor
G.W. Bailey
as Capt. Harris
Bobcat Goldthwait
as Zed
George Gaynes
as Commandant Lassard
Billie Bird
as Mrs. Feldman
Glenn Preston
as Blue Oyster Patron
Andrew Paris
as Bud Kirkland
Colleen Camp
as Mrs. Kirkland-Tackleberry
Brian Tochi
as Nogata
Michele Duquet
as French Translator
Sid Gould
as Man with Harmonica
Mike McGill
as Skateboarder
Marc Leger
as Headquarters Cop
James Carroll
as Warehouse Supplier
Jackie Joseph
as Mrs. Kirkland
Joey Pomanti
as Italian Translator
Pamela Basker
David Spade
as Kyle
George R. Robertson
as Comissioner Hughs
Scott Thomson
as Copeland
Frank Canino
as Italian Official
Randall "Tex" Cobb
as Zack
Tony Hawk
as Skateboarder
Fern Champion
Diane Fabian
as Purse Snatching Victim
Francois Klanfer
as French Official
Corinne Bohrer
as Laura
Harvey Chao
as Chinese Translator
Bob Lem
as Chinese Official
Jack Creley
as Judge
Derek McGrath
as Butterworth
Michael Rhoades
as Hood in Balloon
Rummy Bishop
as Party Man
Brian Backer
as Arnie
Tommy Guerrero
as Skateboarder
Arnie Hardt
as German Official
Kay Hawtry
as Poetess
Michael McManus
as Todd
Arthur Batanides
as Mr. Kirkland
Tab Thacker
as House
Anne Tait
Ted Simonett
as Copeland's Partner
Don Ritchie
as Couple at Elevator
Steve Caballero
as Skateboarder
Megan Smith
as Couple at Elevator


Jim Drake
Paul Maslansky
Gene Quintano
Robert Saad
Victor Brooks
Arthur Funaro
Dan Navarro
Robert Folk
Composer (Music Score)
Brian Wilson
Gary Usher
Darryl Duncan
David Rawlins
Rhiley Fuller
Art Director
Donald West
Associate Producer
Steve Shewchuk
Set Designer
Jai Galati
Costume Designer
Aleida MacDonald
Costume Designer
Michael Zenon
First Assistant Director
Michael Deluna
Pamela Basker
Fern Champion
Howard Brandy
Ken Brooke