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As Chilean writer-director Alicia Scherson's debut feature, the psychodrama Play explores the ramifications of an infatuation that threatens to erupt into full-blown obsession. It unfolds in Santiago, Chile, where Cristina (Viviana Herrera), a young Mapuche who hails from the country's southern regions, works as a caregiver for a Hungarian émigré. After Tristan (Andres Ulloa), a well-to-do architect recently abandoned by his wife Irene (Aline Küppenheim), is accosted and robbed near the Hungarian's residence, Cristina happens to find his briefcase the following morning (in a metal bin) and eagerly tears it open, sifting through its contents. Though relatively banal, the ingredients - an iPod, identification cards, a notebook, the wife's vest - fascinate Cristina, who becomes fixated on probing and prying into Tristan's life. She first breaks into the couple's home, then tracks Tristan all over Santiago. Finally, Cristina's obsession reaches a new level when she swipes Irene's clothes and makeup and wears them herself, then ignites a torrid affair with the couple's gardener, Manuel (Juan Pablo Quezada). ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

  • Release date:July 12, 2013


Viviana Herrera
as Cristina
Andres Ulloa
as Tristan Greenberg
Coca Guazzini


Alicia Scherson
Alicia Scherson
Ricardo de Angelis
Soledad Salfate
Sebastian Munoz
Art Director
Sergio Gandara
Executive Producer
Nathalie Trafford
Executive Producer
Macarena Lopez
Executive Producer