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Planet 51 Details


An American astronaut believing himself to be the first person ever to set foot on Planet 51 gets the shock of his life in this animated adventure comedy featuring the voices of [[Performer~P476559~Dwayne Johnson~dwaynejohnson]], [[Performer~P222949~Jessica Biel~jessicabiel]], [[Performer~P85223~John Cleese~johncleese]], and [[Performer~P53946~Gary Oldman~garyoldman]]. Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker (voice of [[Performer~P476559~Johnson~dwaynejohnson]]) was on a mission to boldly go where no man had gone before, a remote celestial body dubbed Planet 51. The scientific community had surmised that Planet 51 was uninhabited, so when Captain Baker steps out of his spacecraft to discover a race of tiny green people living in quaint communities reminiscent of 1950s America, he can't quite believe his eyes. Unfortunately, the tiny extraterrestrials suffer from a universal fear that their utopian community will one day be overrun by alien invaders...just like the extra-large astronaut who now stands before them. As General Grawl (voice of [[Performer~P53946~Gary Oldman~garyoldman]]) and Professor Kipple (voice of [[Performer~P85223~John Cleese~johncleese]]) attempt to capture the peaceful visitor so they can dissect him and learn more about his anatomy, Captain Baker must count on his robot companion, "Rover," and his new friend, Lem, in order to navigate this strange new world and find a way back home before it's too late. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:November 20, 2009


Dwayne Johnson
as Chuck Baker
Jessica Biel
as Neera
Justin Long
as Lem
Seann William Scott
as Skiff
Gary Oldman
as General Grawl
John Cleese
as Professor Kipple
Freddie Benedict
as Eckle
Alan Marriott
as Glar
Mathew Horne
as Vesklin
James Corden
as Vernkot


Jorge Blanco
Guy Collins
Ignacio Perez Dolset
Joe Stillman
Gonzalo Rueda
Liz Schrek
Musical Direction/Supervision
Graham Walker
Musical Direction/Supervision
James Brett
Composer (Music Score)
Alex Rodriguez
Julián Romero
Production Designer
Fernando Juárez
Art Director
Ricardo Garcia Arrojo
Executive Producer
José A. Rodriguez Díaz
Executive Producer
Stephen Margolis
Executive Producer
Patrick Meehan
Executive Producer
Albie Hecht
Executive Producer
Albert Martinez-Martin
Executive Producer
Ignacio Perez Dolset
Executive Producer
Mercedes Rey
Executive Producer
Mercedes Gamero
Executive Producer
Michael Ryan
Executive Producer
Peter D. Graves
Executive Producer
Juan Antonio Pérez Ramírez
Executive Producer
Joseph Stracey
Sound/Sound Designer
Robert McGee
Karen Lindsay-Stewart
Ruth Lambert
Ramiro López Dau
Supervising Animator
Marcos Martinez
Carolina Cuenca
Character Design
Javier Moya Alonso
Supervising Animator
Max Bygrave
Sound Effects Editor
Emma Zee
Post Production Supervisor
José A. Rodriguez Díaz
Line Producer
Belli Ramírez
Unit Production Manager
Danny Hambrook
Sound Effects Editor
Javier Abad
Siobhan Boyes
Post Production Coordinator
Ignacio Güejes
Character Design