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Pirates of the Plain Details


A young boy with a habit of daydreaming discovers that reality has caught up with his imagination -- with a vengence -- in this comedy-adventure for the whole family. Bobby ([[Performer~P270968~Seth Adkins~sethadkins]]) is an eight-year-old boy growing up on a remote community in the rural Midwest with his mother ([[Performer~P68458~Dee Wallace Stone~deewallace]]) and grandfather ([[Performer~P51842~Charles Napier~charlesnapier]]), who are struggling to keep the family farm afloat. With few friends and not much to do besides his chores, Bobby entertains himself by retreating into a world of fantasy, where he battles cowboys and spacemen and can always outsmart the bad guys. One day, the town looks as if it's about to be hit with a freak storm, as dark red clouds fill the sky, but it turns out that a portal in time has appeared in the atmosphere, and who should drop through but Jezebel Jack ([[Performer~P16268~Tim Curry~timcurry]]), a swaggering pirate (or, as Jack prefers to put it, "an adventurer of independent means") from the 17th century. Bobby rescues Jack and gives him a place to stay in their house; the boy is happy to have an interesting new friend. However, where pirates go, trouble follows, and it's not long before the ship of a gang of rival pirates follows Jack through the window in time, and Bobby must join forces with Jack as they defend Bobby's home against a pirate ship sailing through the wheatfields. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi