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An obscure and offbeat novel by Andrew Neiderman comes to life as this strange, disturbing, but fairly compelling psychological thriller. The title refers to a life-sized medical dummy (the name is short for Pinocchio) through which strait-laced physician and would-be ventriloquist Doctor Linden (Terry O'Quinn) communicates with his children, Leon (David Hewlett) and Ursula (Cyndy Preston). Although Pin seems to have served a useful purpose by providing the emotionally distant Linden with a means of opening up to his family, the mannequin's importance gradually becomes a decidedly unhealthy influence for Leon, whose latent psychosis emerges fully after his father's death and compels him to "adopt" Pin as a member of the household. As Ursula, now a beautiful woman, begins to enjoy a relatively happy love life, Leon is consumed with jealousy and, goaded by the 'Pin' aspect of his personality, turns to murder as release. In its depiction of a psychotic who loses his will to an increasingly lifelike dummy, Pin is remarkably similar in theme to Richard Attenborough's Richard Attenborough (which itself owed a debt to films like Richard Attenborough). Though it breaks no new ground in this respect, this quirky horror film does present an irresistibly eerie charm (thanks in large part to Hewlett's fine performance) and generates a decent amount of suspense, building to a chilling, if not entirely surprising, climax. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

  • Release date:January 27, 1989


David Hewlett
as Leon Linden
Cyndy Preston
as Ursula Linden
John Ferguson
as Stan Fraker
Terry O'Quinn
as Dr. Linden
Bronwen Mantel
as Mrs. Linden
Jacob Tierney
as Leon, Age 7
Michelle Anderson
as Ursula...Age 5
Steve Bernarski
Katie Shengler
Terence Labrosse
as Dr. Bell
Robin Mac Eachern
as Richie
Jonathan Banks
as PIN
Patricia Collins
as Aunt Dorothy
Marty Finkelstein
as Teenager
Joanna Noyes
as Mrs. Henry
David Gow
as Officer Wilson
Bruce Ramsay
as Teenager
Helene Udy
as Marcia Bateman


Sandor Stern
René Malo
Sandor Stern
Guy Dufaux
Patrick Dodd
François Séguin
Art Director
Pierre David
Executive Producer
Richard Nichol
Sound/Sound Designer
Patrick Dodd
Sound Editor