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This comedy was inspired by the true story of Cynthia Payne, a former waitress who gained fame as England's best-known (and best-liked) madame. Christine Painter (Julie Walters) is a working-class single mother who sub-leases a few inexpensive flats as a way of bringing in extra money. Christine has no particular interest in selling her body, but when she finds herself in a tight spot financially -- and notices that the prostitutes who rent her apartments are the only ones who consistently pay on time -- she decides to open a brothel. With the help of Shirley (Shirley Stelfox), an experienced prostie, and Morton (Alec McCowen), a former RAF commander with a fondness for women's undergarments, Christine opens a little place where elderly businessmen can indulge their fondness for kinky lingerie and being spanked by younger women. Soon Christine's business is booming and everyone is happy -- until the police pay her a visit. Personal Services was directed by Terry Jones, best known as a member of the Monty Python troupe; the real-life Cynthia Payne served as a technical advisor. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 15, 1987


Julie Walters
as Christine Painter
Alec McCowen
as Morten
Shirley Stelfox
as Shirley
Danny Schiller
as Dolly
Victoria Hardcastle
as Rose
Tim Woodward
as Timms
Peter Cellier
as Mr. Marples
Dave Atkins
as Sydney
Leon Lissek
as Mr. Popozogolou
Lorena Lee
as The Angel
Arthur Whybrow
as Mac
Toni Palmer
as Aunt Winnie
Ian McNeice
as Harry
Terry Jones
Helen Gemmell
as Jenny
Michelle Collins
as June
Pamela Duncan
as Jackie
Michael Packer
as Ralph
Buddy Uzzaman
as Mr. Pater
Ron Pember
as Ron
Wayne Morris
as Man in Film
Sheila Gill
as Mrs. Winter
David Leland
as Mr. Pilkington/Danielle
Shulie Bannister
as The Woman
Arthur Hewlett
as Mr. Francis
Andreas Markos
as Mr. Grivas
Renny Lister
as Pat
Andrew Maclachlan
as Mr. McClellan
Nigel le Vaillant
as The Man
Beverly Foster
as Elizabeth
Claire Waugh
as Girl in Film
Jagdish Kumar
as Mr. Shah
Stephen Lewis
as Mr. Dunkley
John Shrapnel
as Lionel
Joanna Dickens
as Gloria
Nick Stringer
as PC Baker
Stanley Lebor
as Jones
Rupert Holliday Evans
as Terry
Paul Imbusch
as Solicitor
Antony Carrick
as Edgar
Benjamin Whitrow
as Mr. Marsden
Alan Bowyer
as David Painter
Bernard Brown
as John
Ivor Roberts
as Glossop
Jason Smart
as PC Hart
Anthony Collin
as Mr. Webb
Arthur Cox
as Lennox
Ewan Hooper
as Edward
Clare Clifford
as Fay
Lorraine Brunning
as Angela
Peter Wight
as Detective Gibson
Suzette Llewellyn
as Helen
Janie Booth
as Court Usher
Charlotte Seely
as Diane
Debbie McWilliams


Terry Jones
Tim Bevan
David Leland
Roger Deakins
Jester Hairston
Helen Taylor
George Akers
Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski
Production Designer
Jane Coleman
Art Director
Shuna Harwood
Costume Designer
Garth Marshall
Sound/Sound Designer
Cynthia Payne
Jim Dowdall
Debbie McWilliams
Sancia Simpson
Jenny Shircore