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In Patriot Games, Harrison Ford plays former CIA agent Jack Ryan, taking over from Alec Baldwin, who had played author Tom Clancy's brainy protagonist in Hunt for Red October. This time around, Ryan foils an attempted assassination, thereby incurring the wrath of a maniacal Irish radical (Sean Bean). After seemingly neutralizing the villains, and deciding to celebrate the occasion with his wife (Anne Archer) and daughter (Thora Birch), everything appears to be back to normal; then all hell breaks loose. Author Tom Clancy himself bemoaned the liberties taken with his novel in the final sequences; the picture scored with audiences, however, and soon inspired a followup, A Clear and Present Danger (1994), also starring Ford. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:June 5, 1992


Harrison Ford
as Jack Ryan
Anne Archer
as Dr. Cathy Ryan
Patrick Bergin
as Kevin O'Donnell
Sean Bean
as Sean Miller
Thora Birch
as Sally Ryan
James Fox
as Lord Holmes
Samuel L. Jackson
as Robby Jackson
Polly Walker
as Annette
J.E. Freeman
as Marty Cantor
James Earl Jones
as Admiral James Greer
Richard Harris
as Paddy O'Neil
Alex Norton
as Dennis Cooley
Karl Hayden
as Paddy Boy
Fritz Sperberg
as Spiva
Leah Tabassi
as Midshipman
Ros Hubbard
Amanda Mackey-Johnson
Jeff Gardner
as Midshipman
Fred Toma
as Arab Soldier
Kim Delgado
as TV Reporter
Roger Blake
as Constable
Tom Watt
as Electrician
Branda Lynn Klemme
as Secretary
Ellen Geer
as Rose
Jonathan Ryan
as Jimmy O'Reardon
Pip Torrens
as First Aide
Thomas Russell
as Ashley
Cathy Sandrich
Michael Ryan Way
as Avery
Franklin Dam
as Midshipman
Keith Campbell
as Ned Clark
Rebecca Mayhook
as School Girl
Tim Dutton
as Constable
John Shepard
as FBI Helicopter Pilot
Duke Moosekian
as Ferro
John La Fayette
as Winter
Philip Levien
as Dr. Shapiro
Theodore Raimi
as CIA Technician
John Hubbard
Debora Weston
as CNN Reporter
Alun Armstrong
as Owens
Andrew Connolly
as Charlie Dugan
Pamela Saxon
as Midshipman
Berlinda Tolbert
as Sissy
Hugh Ross
as Barrister Atkinson
P.H. Moriarty
as Court Guard
David Threlfall
as Inspector Highland
Gerald Sim
as Lord Justice
Jeff Mandon
as Marine Guard
Oliver Stone
as Young Holmes
Stephen Held
as FBI Rifleman
Ivan Kane
as TV Reporter
Martin Cochrane
as Constable
Ruben Garfias
as Anesthesiologist
Bob Gunton
as Interviewer
Jesse D. Goins
as FBI Agent Shaw
Bonnie Webster
as Midshipman
Claire Oberman
as Lady Holmes
Allison Barron
as CIA Analyst


Phillip Noyce
Robert G. Rehme
Mace Neufeld
Steven Zaillian
W. Peter Iliff
Tom Clancy
Book Author
Donald M. McAlpine
James Devis
Andy Nelson
Musical Direction/Supervision
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Steve Pederson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jack Solomon
Musical Direction/Supervision
William Hoy
Neil Travis
Joseph C. Nemec III
Production Designer
Lis Kern
Associate Producer
Charles H. Maguire
Executive Producer
Walter Paul Martishius
Set Designer
John M. Dwyer
Set Designer
Norma Moriceau
Costume Designer
Ivan Sharrock
Sound/Sound Designer
David R. Ellis
Amanda Mackey-Johnson
Cathy Sandrich