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This highly rated independent production was written years before , and though it covers much of the same territory, it is considered worth seeing in its own right. In the story, Roy Dean Bream (William Russ) is too old to be part of his minor-league baseball team's cultural mainstream. In short, he's often ignored, derided, or treated to the worst or last of everything, like any other outcast. Tyrone (Glenn Plummer) is so young that it gives the same teammates who shun Roy the willies and reminds them that they too are getting older -- so he's an outcaste, too. What could be more natural than for these two men to seek one another out. It doesn't matter that the older man is white, the younger is black. They both love the game, and Roy has been around the block a few times and has plenty to teach Tyrone. When the time comes for Roy to be sent to retirement, everyone holds their breaths to see how he will react. It's a pity they didn't get to know him better, or they would know that this kind, generous man wishes them all well. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

  • Release date:August 23, 1991


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Tom Richmond Best Cinematography 1991 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards William Russ Best Actor 1991 Nominee
Sundance Film Festival Robin B. Armstrong Audience Award 1990 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Deirdre O'Connell Best Supporting Actress 1991 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Glenn Plummer Best Supporting Actor 1991 Nominee


William Russ
as Roy Dean Bream
Glenn Plummer
as Tyrone Debray
Noble Willingham
as Clyde Bigby
Jeffrey Tambor
as Peter LaPorte
Scott Plank
as Randy Keever
Deirdre O'Connell
as Inez Brice
Tony Solis
as Baseball Player
John Achorn
as Cal
Don Newcombe
as Flag Raiser
Charles Stranski
as Elton
Larry Stalhaufer
as Baseball Player
Sy Mogel
as 2nd First Base Umpire
Lonnie Kalapp
as Baseball Player
Chuck Fick
as 1st First Base Umpire
Ricky Paull Goldin
as Hahn
Bob Feller
as 1st VFW Man
Sarah Zinsser
as 2nd Catty Woman at Party
Glen Gillespie
as Baseball Player
John Homa
as Frank
Troy Evans
as Art
Mary Pat Gleason
as Woman at Bar
Duke Snider
as 2nd Steamer Fan
Bill Mazeroski
as 3rd VFW Man
Brogan Roche
as Bomber Pitcher
Richard Cavazos
as Baseball Player
Michael Chieffo
as Pool Player
Joe Banks
as Sliding Base Runner
Tony Jaramillo
as Baseball Player
Kathryn Kates
as Ethel
Patrick O'Bryan
as Walsh
Mike Main
as Baseball Player
Meghan Geary
as 1st Catty Woman at Party
Darin Burton
as Baseball Player
Mark Benedetto
as Bomber Manager
Don Perry
as Drunk Old-Timer
Vince McAllister
as Baseball Player
Darryl Allen
as Baseball Player
Joe Szczepanski
as Baseball Player
Aaron Albert
as Baseball Player
Paul Visone
as Baseball Player
Peter Murnik
as Simmons
Craig Stark
as Bomber Catcher
Charles Tyner
as Arnold
John Martin
as Baseball Player
Rick Slagls
as Baseball Player
Tommy Davidson
as Beaned Bomber
Ernie Banks
as 1st Steamer Fan
Tom Pletts
as Funeral Director
Greg Chizek
as Baseball Player
Reed Rudy
as Spicer


Robin B. Armstrong
Robin B. Armstrong
Eric Tynan Young
David M. Eyre, Jr.
Tom Richmond
Lee Holdridge
Composer (Music Score)
Gerald R. Molen
Jonathan G. Chambers
Associate Producer
Ellen Totleben
Set Designer
Kristine Brown
Costume Designer
Robert Latham Brown
Production Executive
Jeff McCracken
Production Executive