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Paris Underground Details


Constance Bennett both produced and starred in the espionager Paris Underground. Bennett and Gracie Fields play, respectively, an American and an English citizen trapped in Paris when the Nazis invade. The women team up to help Allied aviators escape from the occupied city into Free French territory. The screenplay was based on the true wartime activities of Etta Shiber, who engineered the escape of nearly 300 Allied pilots. British fans of comedienne Gracie Fields were put off by the scenes in which she is tortured by the Gestapo, while Constance Bennett's following had been rapidly dwindling since the 1930s; as a result, the heartfelt but tiresome Paris Underground failed to make a dent at the box-office. It would be Constance Bennett's last starring film--and Gracie Fields' last film, period. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Kurt Kreuger
as Capt. Kurt von Weber
Eily Malyon
as Mme. Bangler
Leslie Vincent
as Lt. William Gray
Richard Ryen
as Monsieur Renard
Adrienne D'Ambricourt
as Margot
Gregory Gaye
as Tissier
Georges Rigaud
as Andre de Mornay
Constance Bennett
as Kitty de Mornay
Nina Borget
Loulette Sablon
Vladimir Sokoloff
as Undertaker
Andrew V. McLaglen
as Sgt. McNair
Otto Reichow
Maurice Cass
Frederick Giermann
Dick Ryan
as M. Renard
Philip Dorn
Anthony Warde


Gregory Ratoff
Constance Bennett
Boris Ingster
Gertrude Purcell
Lee Garmes
Nicolai Remisoff
Production Designer
Victor Greene
Art Director
Travis Banton
Costume Designer