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Papy Fait de la Resistance Details


In this uneven take-off on some reluctant resistance fighters in World War II, a family of musicians find themselves the unwilling hosts of a segment of the German High Command when their Paris mansion is taken over by the occupying forces. What happens next is a series of individual skits, cameo appearances, and zany interludes that are not necessarily as strung together as they are strung out. Characters include: Adolph Hitler's melodious half-brother whose singing style is hilariously close to that of Julio Iglesias, a "good" German officer, stereotypical of any of those found in post-World War II movies, and a woman who provides the comedy in a 1970s television talk show when she expounds on what really happened in the Paris villa back when. It is the acting which carries the day for this film, more than the actual script or cinematic development. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Christian Clavier
as Michel Taupin
Michel Galabru
as Papy
Gérard Jugnot
as Adolfo Ramirez
Martin Lamotte
as Guy-Hubert Bourdelle/Super-resistant
Dominique Lavanant
as Bernadette Bourdelle
Jacqueline Maillan
as Helena
Jacques Villeret
as Marechal von Apfelstrudel
Josiane Balasko
Michel Blanc
as Le cure
Jean-Claude Brialy
as Tennisman
Jean Carmet
as Andre Bourdelle
Bernard Giraudeau
as un resistant
Thierry Lhermitte
as Col.SS
Jean Yanne
as Murat
Julien Guiomar
as Col.Vincent
Jacques Francois
as Jacques de Fremontel
Roland Giraud
as Gen.Herman Spontz
Pauline Lafont
as Colette Bourdelle
Jeffrey Kime
as Harry
Jean-Paul Muel
as Guglicht
Roger Carel
as Gen.Muller
Carole Jacquinot
as Mireille
Bruno Moynot
Franck-Olivier Bonnet
Olivier Hemon
Didier Benureau
Jean-Pierre Clami
Michel Caccia


Jean-Marie Poire
Bernard Artigues
Christian Fechner
Jean-Marie Poire
Martin Lamotte
Martin Lamotte
Screen Story
Christian Clavier
Screen Story
Christian Clavier
Robert Alazraki
Jean Musy
Composer (Music Score)
Catherine Kelber
Willy Holt
Production Designer
Willy Holt
Art Director
Catherine Leterrier
Costume Designer
Dominique Hennequin
Sound/Sound Designer
Daniel Brisseau
Sound/Sound Designer
Guy Trielli
Special Effects
Paul Trielli
Special Effects
Robin Katz
First Assistant Director
Henri Brichetti
Production Manager
Jean-Luc Russier
Paul Le Marinel

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