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A mysterious and possibly otherworldly stranger comes to the rescue of a frontier town in this Western, which was strongly influenced by the George Stevens classic, Shane. The peace of a small mining community is shattered when Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart), the ruthless proprietor of a powerful strip-mining company, arrives in town with his son Josh (Christopher Penn) and a posse of hired guns to drive out the townspeople and take control of the territory. Megan (Sydney Penny), a young girl whose pet was killed in the melee, prays to God for someone to defend the village from the marauders; soon, the Preacher (Clint Eastwood) arrives on a pale horse, and joins forces with Hull Barrett (Michael Moriarty), the unofficial leader of the miners and one of the few who attempts to defend himself, to take a stand against LaHood and his men. As the Preacher and Barrett try to organize the miners to fight the invaders, both Megan and her mother Sarah (Carrie Snodgrass) find they're drawn to the Preacher, who keeps to himself and seems to have more than his share of secrets. Pale Rider was also directed by leading man Clint Eastwood; it was his first Western as both director and star since the acclaimed The Outlaw Josey Wales. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 28, 1985


Clint Eastwood
as Preacher
Michael Moriarty
as Hull Barret
Carrie Snodgress
as Sarah Wheeler
Chris Penn
as Josh LaHood
Richard Dysart
as Coy LaHood
Sydney Penny
as Megan Wheeler
Richard Kiel
as Club
Doug McGrath
as Spider Conway
John Russell
as Stockburn
Glenn Wright
as Stage Rider
Graham Paul
as Ev Gossage
S.A. Griffin
as Deputy Folke
Herman Poppe
as Ulrik Lindquist
Kathleen Wygle
as Bess Gossage
George Orrison
as Stationmaster Whitey
Jack Radosta
as Deputy Grissom
Terrence Evans
as Jake Henderson
Allen Keller
as Tyson
Buddy Van Horn
as Stage Driver
Charles Hallahan
as McGill
Mike Adams
as Horseman
Larry Randles
as Horseman
Jeffrey Josephson
as Deputy Sedge
Ross Loney
as Horseman
Marvin J. McIntyre
as Jagou
John Dennis Johnston
as Deputy Tucker
Robert Winley
as Deputy Kobold
Cliff Happy
as Horseman
Thomas Oglesby
as Elam
Gene Hartline
as Horseman
Lloyd Nelson
as Bank Teller
Jeffrey Weissman
as Teddy Conway
Clay Lilley
as Horseman
Fritz Manes
as Stage Rider
Chuck La Font
as Eddie Conway
Richard Hamilton
as Jed Blankenship
Jim Hitson
as Biggs
Keith Dillin
as Blacksmith
Loren Adkins
as Bossy
Mike Munsey
as Dentist/Barber
Billy Drago
as Deputy Mather


Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Michael Butler
Dennis Shryack
Bruce Surtees
Joel Cox
Edward C. Carfagno
Production Designer
David Valdes
Associate Producer
Fritz Manes
Executive Producer
Ernie Bishop
Set Designer
Glenn Wright
Costume Designer
Chuck Gasper
Special Effects
Charles Gaspar
Special Effects
Walt LaRue
Kerrie Cullen
Bob Herron
Wayne Van Horn
Phyllis Huffman