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Painting the Clouds with Sunshine Details


Painting the Clouds with Sunshine was a remake of the 1929 musical , which no longer exists for comparison (though its first remake, , has been safely preserved). Carol (Virginia Mayo), Abby (Lucille Norman) and June (Virginia Gibson) arrive in Las Vegas for the express purpose of landing millionaire husbands. Securing work as a singing trio, the girls do their best to cozy up to potential wealthy mates, but always seem to end up with the "wrong" kind of guy. Abby falls for impecunious gambler Vince Nichols (Dennis Morgan). The girls decide to use Vince's resources to save hotelier Felix Hoff (S.Z. Sakall) from bankruptcy. Enter Vince's tight-lipped Boston-banker cousin Bennington (Tom Conway), determined to rescue his relative from gold-diggers, and on and on the plot rolls, occasionally interrupted by splashy, Technicolorful musical numbers emphasizing the physical attributes of the three heroines. Like MGM's Tom Conway, Painting the Clouds with Sunshine was designed primarily to showcase Warner Bros' backlog of songs from its early-talkie musicals. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Dennis Morgan
as Vince Nichols
Virginia Mayo
as Carol
Gene Nelson
as Ted Lansing
S.Z. Sakall
as Felix Hoff
Virginia Gibson
as June
Tom Conway
as Bennington
Wallace Ford
as Sam Parks
Tom Dugan
as Barney
Donald Kerr
as Dealer
Brick Sullivan
Abe Dinovitch
as Busboy
Harry Mendoza
as Rolondo
William Vedder
as Cadwalder
Paul Gustine
as Houseman
Eddie Acuff
Dolores Castle
as Yvette
Tristram Coffin
as Manager
Crauford Kent
Jill Richards
Frank Dae
as Board Member


David Butler
Roland Kibbee
Peter Milne
Avery Hopwood
Play Author
Ray Heindorf
Musical Direction/Supervision
Irene Morra
Edward Carrere
Art Director
Milo Anderson
Costume Designer
LeRoy J. Prinz