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Drafted into the army during World War I, those muddled misfits Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy make a shambles of Training Camp before being shipped to France. When their best pal Eddie (Donald Dillaway) is killed in battle, Stan and Ollie vow to locate the grandparents of Eddie's orphaned little daughter (Jacquie Lyn). Unfortunately, the grandparents are named Smith--and they live in New York City. With only a city directory and phone book as their guide, Stan and Ollie undergo several chucklesome misadventures as they scour the canyons of Manhattan to find Mr. and Mrs. Smith. With the orphanage officials hot on their heels, the boys take drastic action to raise enough money to get out of town with the little girl. All turns out well when Eddie's grandfather makes an appearance under the least likely circumstances. But before Laurel & Hardy can enjoy their own happy ending, they cross the path of an old enemy from their army days: a knife-wielding chef with blood in his eye. The second of Laurel & Hardy's feature-length films, Hardy is, so far as we're concerned (and here we part company with most Laurel & Hardy buffs), infinitely more amusing than their first feature effort, 1931's Hardy Best bit: An overtired Laurel, attempting to tell a bedtime story to the little girl, ends up snoozing away as the kid finishes the story. The powerhouse supporting cast includes such Laurel & Hardy regulars as James Finlayson, Billy Gilbert, Rychard Cramer, Charles Middleton and Charlie Hall. George Marshall, the film's director, proves a mirthsome menace in the small role of the vengeful chef. For years available only in its 62-minute reissue form, Hardy was restored to its full 68-minute glory in the mid-1980s. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Stan Laurel
as Himself
Oliver Hardy
as Himself
Donald Dillaway
as Eddie Smith
Mary Carr
as Woman
James Finlayson
as the General
Adele Watson
as Uncle Jack's Wife Annie
Muriel Evans
as the Bride
Grady Sutton
as Eddie the Groom
Billy Gilbert
as Mr. Hathaway
Pat Harmon
Richard Tucker
as Bank President
James C. Morton
Frank Rice
as Parkins the Butler
Gene Morgan
Nora Cecil
as Officers in the Eastside Welfare Association
Chet Brandenburg
as Street Extra
Charles Dorety
as Passerby
Lew Kelly
as Saunders the Bank Guard
Bob O'Connor
Ben Hendricks, Jr.
Frank S. Hagney
Charles "Buddy" Rogers
as Rogers the Butler
Marvin Hatley
Cornelius Keefe
as New Recruit
Mary Gordon
as Mrs. MacTavish
C. Montague Shaw
as Groom's Father
Charlie Hall
as Janitor
Charles B. Middleton
as Welfare Assn. officer
Frank Brownlee
as Irascible Drill Sergeant


Ray McCarey
George Marshall
Hal Roach
Art Lloyd
Marvin Hatley
Composer (Music Score)
Richard C. Currier