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Based on a novel by Peter Farrelly, published in 1988 before he became famous as a writer and director of such films as Peter Farrelly, Peter Farrelly, and Peter Farrelly, Outside Providence is a coming-of-age story set in the 1970s. Timothy Dunphy (Shawn Hatosy), known as Dunph to his friends and Dildo to others, is a high school burn-out with a gift for getting into trouble; it doesn't help that his best friend is named Drugs Delaney (Jon Abrahams), and it somehow makes sense that Dunph's pet would be a three-legged dog with one eye. Dunph's father (Alec Baldwin) is convinced his son is on the fast track to Palookaville, so when Timothy gets in a wreck with a police car, his dad pulls a few strings and enrolls him in a private prep school. Dunph quickly learns the biggest difference between his old friends at home and his new classmates: rich kids have money, and money buys privilege. They can buy drugs from expensive dealers who won't fink on them, and pay for abortions when their girlfriends get unexpectedly pregnant, instead of having to get married. Dunph doesn't entirely fit into a school full of rich kids, but when he falls in love with Jane Weston (Amy Smart), he's determined to win her heart. Peter Farrelly adapted his novel with the help of his brother and screenwriting partner Bobby Farrelly and director Michael Corrente, whose previous credits include the film version of David Mamet's David Mamet. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:December 3, 1999


Shawn Hatosy
as Timothy Dunphy
Jon Abrahams
as Drugs Delaney
Tommy Bone
as Jackie Dunphy
Jonathan Brandis
as Mousy
Jack Ferver
as Irving Waltham
Alec Baldwin
as Old Man Dunphy
Adam LaVorgna
as Tommy The Wire
Jesse Leach
as Decenz
Gabriel Mann
as Jack Wheeler
Kristen Shorten
as Bunny Cote
Amy Smart
as Jane Weston
Alex Toma
as Billy Fu
George Wendt
as Joey
Christopher Jewett
as Brackett


Michael Corrente
Michael Corrente
Peter Farrelly
Bobby Farrelly
Randy Finch
Bobby Farrelly
Peter Farrelly
Book Author
Peter Farrelly
Michael Corrente
Richard Crudo
Sheldon Mirowitz
Composer (Music Score)
Peter Afterman
Composer (Music Score)
Kate Sanford
Chad Detweiller
Production Designer
Libby Langdon
Associate Producer
Bob Weinstein
Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein
Executive Producer
Billy Heinzerling
Executive Producer
Karen Weber
Set Designer
Annie Dunn
Costume Designer
Alan Castelli
First Assistant Director
Georgianne Walken
Sheila Jaffe