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Out of the Cold Details


In this period drama laced with music and romance, Keith Carradine plays Dan "Magic Legs" Scott, a tap dancer who has enjoyed great success on the vaudeville circuit and the Broadway stage. However, Scott's tremendous ego, coupled with his compulsive skirt-chasing and bottomless thirst for alcohol, cripple his career, and by the late 1930s, he's convinced that his career as a hoofer is over. However, Scott's mother was originally from Estonia, and his manager Axelrod (Judd Hirsch) discovers that Scott is considered a hero in his mother's homeland. Axelrod arranges a tour of Estonia, where Scott is a tremendous success. Scott also finds romance overseas when he meets Deborah (Mia Kirschner), the daughter of a prosperous Jewish businessman; Deborah asks for private dancing lessons, and Scott, more than happy to oblige, soon begins instructing her in the ways of love, much to the chagrin of Deborah's fiancé, Max (Bronson Pinchot). But Scott is ignorant of Hitler's rise to power in Europe, and his new career in Estonia comes to a halt when he offends a Nazi official. The country is soon occupied by Russian forces, and Deborah, now carrying Scott's child, escapes to the United States. However, when Scott's passport is destroyed, he's unable to prove his identity or American citizenship; he's sent to a labor camp in Siberia, and while he's able to escape to Moscow, by the late 1950s he's still looking for a way to get back to America. This film debut of noted Russian stage director Sasha Buravsky also features Brian Dennehy, Kim Hunter, and Mercedes Ruehl. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Roee Sharon
Leonid Zagalsky
Vladimir Klimov
Roger Bondelli
Leslie McDonald
Production Designer
Harry Lepp
Art Director
Ann Lumiste
Art Director
Heidi Levitt
Associate Producer
Danil Pukhov
Executive Producer
Malle Jurgenson
Set Designer
Gilbert Johnquest
Set Designer
Tea Tammelaan
Set Designer
Krista Lepland
Set Designer
Mari-An Ceo
Costume Designer
Itamar Ben Jacob
Sound/Sound Designer
Joyce Nettles
Ina Shlionskaja
Ly Pulk
Sue Peck