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Out of Bounds Details


This teen thriller by Richard Tuggle involves an innocent young man being mistaken for a drug dealer and thief by both the good and the bad guys. Daryl Cage (Anthony Michael Hall) sets off to visit his brother and sister-in-law in L.A. but picks up the wrong bag at the airport baggage claim -- one loaded with 10 kilos of heroin. Before Daryl has a chance to find out what's inside, murder and mayhem are unleashed and even the police take potshots at him. So he teams up with Dizz (Jenny Wright), a fellow passenger on his flight, and disguises himself as a street-wise but slick operator. Cage then dodges death at the hands of the sadistic Roy Gaddis (Jeff Kober) and tries to convince the police of his innocence. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:July 25, 1986


Anthony Michael Hall
as Daryl Cage
Jenny Wright
as Dizz
Jeff Kober
as Roy Gaddis
Glynn Turman
as Lt. Delgado
Raymond J. Barry
as Hurley
Pepe Serna
as Murano
Michelle Little
as Crystal
Jerry Levine
as Marshall
Ji-Tu Cumbuka
as Lemar
Kevin McCorkle
as Tommy Cage
Linda Shayne
as Chris Cage
Maggie Gwinn
as Mrs. Cage
Ted Gehring
as Mr. Cage
Meat Loaf
as Gil
Allan Graf
as Biker
Lloyd Nelson
as Mechanic
Sydney Urshan
as Boyfriend of girl mistaken for Dizz
Jeffrey Smith
as Stardust Bartender
David Chung
as Detective
Popeye the Dog
as Barney the Dog
Bennie Moore
as Bus Driver
Ollie Lake
as Airport Security Guard
Murray Lebowitz
as Police Captain
Duan Ji-shun
as Lemar
James Espinoza
as Olivera Street Vendor
Dan Lewk
as Cop on Melrose
Dick Ziker
as Trucker Cowboy
Scott Edmund Lane
as Duty Sergeant
Tony Acierto
as Detective
Tony Kayden
as Snide Patron
Bill Press
as Newscaster
Jennifer Balgobin
as Martha
John Tarnoff
as Snide Patron
John Vickery
as Detective
Kevin Breslin
as News Vendor


Richard Tuggle
Mike Rosenfeld
Charles W. Fries
Tony Kayden
Bruce Surtees
Stewart Copeland
Composer (Music Score)
Kent Beyda
Larry Bock
Norman Newberry
Production Designer
Ray Hartwick
Executive Producer
John Tarnoff
Executive Producer
Donna Linson
Costume Designer
Janet Hirshenson
Jane Jenkins