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A middle-aged man gives himself the challenge of a lifetime in this comedy drama from the U.K. Frank (Peter Mullan) has spent most of his 55 years working the same job in the shipyards of Glasgow until he's fired after business tapers off and technology makes his position unnecessary. While Frank tries to put on a brave face, he has no idea of what to do next or what sort of work he should find. Frank's embarrassment gets much worse when he applies for unemployment benefits, only to discover his sister-in-law Angela (Jodhi May) is working behind the corner. As Frank's anxiety grows worse, he begins having panic attacks, leading to sympathy from his wife, Joan (Brenda Blethyn), and son, Rob (Jamie Sives), which only makes him feel more humiliated. One of Frank's few respites from his troubles are his regular visits to a nearby community swimming pool, where he does laps with his pals Eddie (Sean McGinley), Norman (Ron Cook), and Danny (Billy Boyd). One day, one of them jokes about the possibility of swimming the English Channel, which is only 21 miles across at its narrowest point near Dover. However, Frank doesn't think the idea is so silly, and begins training to make the journey; while at first his family and friends think he's gone mad, his plans give him a drive and a sense of purpose he hasn't had since losing his job. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:April 7, 2006


Peter Mullan
as Frank
Brenda Blethyn
as Joan
Sean McGinley
as Eddie
Jamie Sives
as Rob
Billy Boyd
as Danny
Ron Cook
as Norman
Jodhi May
as Angela
Benedict Wong
as Chan
Anne Marie Timoney
as Michelle
Shaun Dingwall
as Observer
Tony Roper
as Merv The Perv
Paul Ritter
as Mad Bob


Gaby Dellal
Dorothy Berwin
Sarah Curtis
Alex Rose
Stephen Warbeck
Composer (Music Score)
Robin Sales
Mark Leese
Production Designer
Caroline Grebbell
Art Director
Martha Coleman
Amy Lo
Associate Producer
Bill Allan
Executive Producer
Steve Christian
Executive Producer
Nick Hill
Executive Producer
Emma Hayter
Executive Producer
Lenny Crooks
Executive Producer
Andy Mayson
Executive Producer
Kate Hawley
Costume Designer
Peter Brill
Sound/Sound Designer
Gail Stevens