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Odds Against Tomorrow Details


Harry Belafonte was both producer and star of this hard-edged film noir crime drama. Dave Burke (Ed Begley, Sr.) is an ex-cop who has been kicked off the force for refusing to inform on his colleagues to the State Crime Committee. Short on money, the former policeman jumps to the other side of the law and plans to knock over a bank in upstate New York. He'll need help, so Burke brings in two other men to assist him -- Johnny Ingram (Belafonte), a jazz musician with an addiction to gambling that's put him deep in debt to gangster Bacco (Will Kuluva), and Earl Slater (Robert Ryan), a disturbed war veteran who hasn't been able to find work after serving time for manslaughter. While their common greed and desperation has brought these men together, their differences threaten to tear them apart, especially when Slater's fear and hatred of black men rises to the surface. Blacklisted screenwriter Abraham Polonsky co-wrote the screenplay for Odds Against Tomorrow, using his friend John O. Killens as a "front." John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet contributed a memorable musical score. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Harry Belafonte
as Johnny Ingram
Robert Ryan
as Earl Slater
Shelley Winters
as Lorry
Gloria Grahame
as Helen
Will Kuluva
as Bacco
Richard Bright
as Coco
Lew Gallo
as Moriarity
Fred J. Scollay
as Cannoy
Carmen de Lavallade
as Kitty
Mae Barnes
as Annie
Lois Thorne
as Eadie
Wayne Rogers
as Soldier
Zohra Lampert
as Girl in Bar
William Zuckert
as Bartender
Burtt Harris
as Man in Bar
Clint Young
as Policeman
Cicely Tyson
as Fra
Fred Herrick
as Bank Manager
Allen Nourse
as Police Chief
Robert Earl Jones
as Guard
Mel Stewart
as Elevator Operator
Robert Earl Jones
as Guard


Robert Wise
Robert Wise
Abraham Polonsky
Nelson Gidding
Joseph Brun
Dede Allen
Leo Kerz
Art Director
Fred Ballmeyer
Set Designer
Robert Jiras