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Ocean's Eleven Details


A rag-tag group of con artists and ex-cons team up for the heist to end all heists in this high-profile remake of the 1960 Rat Pack favorite. As with its predecessor, Ocean's Eleven opens with its titular hero Danny Ocean (George Clooney stepping into the Frank Sinatra role) eager for a new challenge. The similarities to the original end there, as Ocean conspires with his old pal Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) to rob 150 million dollars from an underground vault that serves three of Las Vegas' biggest casinos. Between the two of them, they recruit nine other men, each with his own criminal specialty, to assist in the mission: moneyman Reuben Tishkoff (Elliot Gould), card dealer Frank (Bernie Mac), pickpocket Linus (Matt Damon), aging con artist Saul (Carl Reiner), British explosives pro Basher (Don Cheadle), techie Dell (Eddie Jemison), rude-boy brothers Virgil (Casey Affleck) and Turk (Scott Caan), and professional acrobat Yen (Shaobo Qin). What Ocean doesn't tell the group is that there's another reason he's coordinating the heist: the three casinos they're robbing are all owned by ruthless gambling mogul Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), who just happens to be married to Ocean's former love Tess (Julia Roberts). Ocean's Eleven was updated by scribe Ted Griffin and marked the third feature shot by director Steven Soderbergh under the alias Peter Andrews. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

  • Release date:August 10, 1960


George Clooney
as Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt
as Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon
as Linus Caldwell
Don Cheadle
as Basher Tarr
Andy Garcia
as Terry Benedict
Julia Roberts
as Tess Ocean
Casey Affleck
as Virgil Malloy
Carl Reiner
as Saul Bloom
Scott Caan
as Turk Malloy
Elliott Gould
as Reuben Tishkoff
Edward Jemison
as Livingston Dell
Bernie Mac
as Frank Catton
Shaobo Qin
as Yen
Mark Gantt
as Bartender
Charles La Russa
as Italian High Roller
Timothy Paul Perez
as Security Guard ("Oscar")
Carol Florence
as Board Member #3
Barry Brandt
as Technician #1
Frankie Jay Allison
as High Roller Pit Boss ("Eddie")
Cecelia Birt
as Board Member #1
Joshua Jackson
as Josh
Holly Marie Combs
as Holly
Wayne Newton
as Himself
Gregory Stenson
as Sentry
David Sontag
as Plainclothes Goon #1
Henry Silva
as Himself
Rick Reed
as Bucky Buchanan
Tony Allison
as French High Roller
Eydie Gorme
as Herself
Kelly Adkins
as Dancer
J.P. Manoux
as Aide-de-Camp
Scott L. Schwartz
as Bruiser
Joe Coyle
as Security Officer #2
John Robotham
as Uzi-Carrying Guard #1
William L. Johnson
as Technician #2
Larry Sontag
as Plainclothes Goon #2
Larry Merchant
as Himself
Ronn Soeda
as Japanese High Roller
Roy Horn
as Himself
Miguel Perez
as Explosives Cop
Angie Dickinson
as Herself
Jerry Weintraub
as High Roller
Robert Peters
as Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #1
Lennox Lewis
as Himself
David Jensen
as Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #2
Siegfried Fischbacher
as Himself
Tommy Kordick
as Hotel Bellman
Lori Galinski
as Blackjack Dealer
Steve Lawrence
as Himself
Barry Watson
as Barry
James Curatola
as Baccarat Dealer
Michael de Lano
as Casino Manager ("Walsh")
Tim Snay
as FBI Man #2
Scott Clark Beringer
as Head Goon
Jim Lampley
as Himself
Wladimir Klitschko
as Himself
Robin Sachs
as Seller
Vincent Ward
as Uzi-Carrying Guard #2
Frank Patton
as Lockbox Carrier
John Fiore
as Hotel Security


Steven Soderbergh
Jerry Weintraub
Ted Griffin
Peter Andrews
Stephen Mirrione
Philip Messina
Production Designer
Keith P. Cunningham
Art Director
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Supervising Sound Editor