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The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Details


Overweight scientific genius Sherman Klump and his extended family are back in this sequel to the 1996 comedy smash The Nutty Professor. Sherman (played once again by Eddie Murphy) has come up with a discovery that ought to make him a multimillionaire: a youth serum that turns back the user's body clock. Sherman has also found time for a social life and has fallen in love with Denise Gains (Janet Jackson), a brilliant woman involved in DNA research. Sherman and Denise are engaged, but Sherman is still troubled by Buddy Love, the dark side of his personality that he wants to purge from his psyche forever. He persuades Denise to help him by splicing Buddy out of his DNA structure, but the experiment doesn't go as planned: instead of destroying Buddy, Sherman and Denise free him, and Buddy's first order of business is to get his hands on Sherman's youth serum, which Sherman has hidden at his family's house. In addition to Klump and Love, Murphy also plays Mama, Papa, Grandma, and nephew Ernie Klump, thanks to the makeup magic of Rick Baker. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:July 28, 2000


Eddie Murphy
as Sherman Klump
Eddie Murphy
as Mama Klump
Eddie Murphy
as Lance Perkins
Eddie Murphy
as Papa Klump
Eddie Murphy
as Ernie Klump
Eddie Murphy
as Granny Klump
Eddie Murphy
as Young Papa Klump
Eddie Murphy
as Buddy Love
Janet Jackson
as Denise Gaines
Larry Miller
as Dean Richmond
John Ales
as Jason
Richard Gant
as Denise's Father
Anna Maria Horsford
as Denise's Mother
Melinda McGraw
as Leanne Guilford
Jamal Mixon
as Ernie Klump, Jr.


Peter Segal
Brian Grazer
Chris Weitz
Barry W. Blaustein
Screen Story
Barry W. Blaustein
David Sheffield
Screen Story
David Sheffield
Paul Weitz
Steve Oedekerk
Screen Story
Dean Semler
David Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Happy Walters
Musical Direction/Supervision
William Kerr
Greg Papalia
Art Director
Michael Ewing
James Whitaker
James D. Brubaker
Executive Producer
Eddie Murphy
Executive Producer
Jerry Lewis
Executive Producer
Tom Shadyac
Executive Producer
Sharen Davis
Costume Designer
Jose Antonio Garcia
Sound/Sound Designer
Josh King
First Assistant Director
Kelsee Devoreaux
Pamela Basker
Rick Baker
Makeup Special Effects
Jon Farhat
Visual Effects Supervisor
Jennifer C. Bell
Visual Effects Producer