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In this confusing, surreal, and slow-paced drama that swings back and forth from strange to farcical, Robert ([[Performer~P87436~Alain Delon~alaindelon]]) meets Donatienne ([[Performer~P4689~Nathalie Baye~nathaliebaye]]) on a train. She tells him a story about a woman and a man who meet on a train and subsequently spend a night - only one night - in a glorious sexual encounter before they part forever. He is so taken with her that he ends up in her mountain chalet, not just for one night, but for many - drinking beer and forgetting about his wife in Paris. Donatienne then has sexual relations with all the men in her neighborhood - and the film steps fully into a bizarre world in which neither Robert nor Donatienne can honestly relate to each other. The mystery about what is going on is revealed in the end, but by then the film - verbose, inscrutable, and artificial - may have alienated more than one viewer. On the other hand, the performances of Delon and Baye stand out against this flawed backdrop, an achievement recognized at the 1984 Cesars when Delon won the Best Actor award for his role as Robert. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:October 13, 1999


Awarded by
French Academy of Cinema Bertrand Blier Best Original Screenplay 1984 Winner
French Academy of Cinema Alain Delon Best Actor 1984 Winner


Alain Delon
as Robert Avranche
Nathalie Baye
as Donatienne
Michel Galabru
as Emile
Gérard Darmon
as Duval
Sabine Haudepin
as Carmen
Jean-François Stévenin
as Chatelard
Ginette Garcin
as Florist
Jean-Claude Dreyfus
as A neighbour
Jacques Denis
as A neighbour
Philippe Laudenbach
as Sam
Christian Bouillette
as A neighbour
Jean-Pierre Darroussin
as The second passenger
Vincent Lindon
as Brechet
Jean-Louis Foulquier
as Bob
Bernard Farcy
as Farid
Paul Guers
as Clark
Nathalie Nell
as The unknown girl
Michel Peyrelon
as A neighbour


Bertrand Blier
Alain Sarde
Alain Delon
Bertrand Blier
Bernard Blier
Dialogue Writer
Jean Penzer
Franz Schubert
Featured Music
Claudine Merlin
Michele Cerf
Costume Designer
Dominique Hennequin
Sound/Sound Designer
Bernard Bats
Sound/Sound Designer
Gerard Crosnier
Production Director

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