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Not Without My Daughter Details


In this docudrama based on true events, a mid-'80s Michigan housewife finds her life turned upside down when a vacation to Tehran with her Iranian husband turns into virtual imprisonment for her and her young daughter. Betty Mahmoody (Sally Field) is reluctant to visit the wartorn homeland of her doctor husband, Moody (Alfred Molina). But, depressed about the racism of the American medical establishment and pining for contact with his family, Moody convinces her to join him for a two-week jaunt. The Islamic fundamentalism and strange customs of Iran bewilder and frighten Betty and her daughter, Mahtob (Sheila Rosenthal). But nothing prepares her for Moody's announcement that the family will be remaining in Tehran indefinitely. Despite beatings and more pervasive psychological control from her husband and his relatives, Betty makes it to the Swiss embassy (there is no American ambassador at the time). There, she learns that as the wife of an Iranian, she is now automatically considered a citizen and that she has absolutely no parental rights over Mahtob in this country. Betty then endures several years as a virtual prisoner, escaping only with the help of Westernized Iranian friends. Based on the book by the real-life Mahmoody and William Hoffer, Not Without My Daughter was coincidentally released during the long build-up to 1991's Gulf War. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

  • Release date:January 11, 1991


Sally Field
as Betty Mahmoody
Alfred Molina
as Moody
Sheila Rosenthal
as Mahtob
Roshan Seth
as Houssein
Sarah Badel
as Nicole
Mony Rey
as Ameh Bozorg
Georges Corraface
as Mohsen
Yerusha Tirosh
as Mahtob's Teacher
Dalia Hovers
Ed Grady
as Grandpa
Joyce Gallie
Mary Nell Santacroce
as Grandma
Judith Robinson
as Ellen
Bruce Evers
as Doctor
Michael Morim
as Zia
Racheli Chaimian
as Zoreh
Sasson Gabay
as Hamid
Jonathan Cherchi
as Mammal
Shaul Mizrahi
as Iranian Soldier
Joseph Shiloach
as Mohsen's Companion
Farzaneh Taidi
as Khanun Shaheen
Shay Griffin
Ahuva Keren
as Miss Nassimi
Marc Gowan
as Doctor
Avraham Morr
as Hormoz
Mike Fenton
Yossi Tabib
as Reza
Gili Ben-Ozilio
as Fereshte
Judy Taylor
Amir Shmuel
as Baba Hajji
Daphna Armoni
as Koran Teacher
Soudabeh Farrokhnia
as Nasserine


Brian Gilbert
Mary Jane Ufland
Harry Ufland
Betty Mahmoody
Book Author
William Hoffer
Book Author
Jerry Goldsmith
Composer (Music Score)
Terry Rawlings
Anthony Pratt
Production Designer
Desmond Crowe
Art Director
Avi Avivi
Art Director
Anthony Waye
Associate Producer
Shlomo Zafir
Set Designer
Nic Ede
Costume Designer
Joyce Gallie
Mike Fenton
Judy Taylor